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My Visit to the Animal Acupuncture Doctor In Colorado

Many weeks ago, I hurt my knee somehow. Maybe I caught the frisbee one too many times, I don’t know. But now, my doctor thinks that I have a partial ACL tear, and she recommended acupuncture treatment to help me feel better. I know that I don’t like Tramadol, so I was willing to try anything, even getting pins stuck in my flesh.

I was nervous at first. It seemed like such an odd thing to do, sticking pins in my skin and all. The doctor had to help me calm down. But once I did, and all of the pins were in the right places, suddenly I felt a real sense of relief. I went “ahhhhh!” and everyone heard me let out a big sigh.

Within a day or two of treatment, my limp got better. Mom says she sees a big difference in the way I walk, Dad says he doesn’t really notice it as much. I know that I don’t need tramadol as much, and definitely want to do this again, as soon as we are able to get back down to Durango, about a 3 hour drive from here. Mom says she has to save her pennies too, because the next treatment will be about $65.

Heck, I’ll go get a job if I have to pay for another round, this animal acupuncture thing is great! I highly recommend it if you are dealing with some kind of chronic pain as well.

5 thoughts on “My Visit to the Animal Acupuncture Doctor In Colorado”

  1. Hey Jerry

    It’s been a long time, my friend, but you’ve never been too far from our thoughts. Hudson and Murphy and YBD want to pay for your next treatment and we’re going to figure out a way to do that.

    We all look forward to seeing you again soon. Look after your father.

  2. Jerry,

    That’s great that the acupuncture has worked so well! I know someone who has been using acupuncture on a racoon who was seriously injured and the results have been amazing!

    You have such great pawrents!!


    Sandra and “Luna”


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