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Two Tripawds Reach Miraculous Milestones

My pawrents want you to know that even if your tripawd is given a bad prognosis after amputation, many of us will show those doctors how wrong they are, and go on to live long and happy lives.

Irish Wolfie Finnegan Celebrates Eighth Birthday

Wolfhound osteosarcoma Tripawd Finnegan
Hoppy Birthday Finnegan!

My pal Finnegan, in Erie Pennsylvania, celebrated his eighth birthday this week. This is a very big deal, because two years ago, Finny was diagnosed with osteosarcoma. He’s not only beating the average life expectancy of Wolfhounds, 6.2 years, but has exceeded the odds for any dog to survive an osteosarcoma diagnosis.

Happy Ampuversary Keno!

Next up, my Mom just heard about Keno, a beautiful girldog, who will celebrate her 33 month ampuversary this Monday, June 16. Keno has not only been diagnosed once, but twice, with osteosarcoma.

Keno’s Mom tells a great story about how Keno was diagnosed, what her recovery was like, and how her life is today.

Anyone who is unsure about whether amputation is the right thing to do should definitely take a look at her story. As her Mom likes to say:

Whatever you do, don’t give up hope.

Miracles can happen!

Congratulations Finnegan and Keno, thank you for being the inspawration for so many of us bone cancer dogs and our pawrents!

15 thoughts on “Two Tripawds Reach Miraculous Milestones”

  1. Hello Irene! I feel your pain as well as concern! I have a 9yr old female Airedale terrier named Gena Bella. She was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in her back right leg. My first concern was how she would function if I amputated her leg and not do chemo. We’ll just days after I was told of the cancer I scheduled her leg amputation on May 8 of this year and was amazed on how well she quickly adapted!! My Vet even said he has never seen anything like it. It has been now 7 months and she is doing great! I had X-rays down in Oct. and the Vet said she looks good but saw some blurriness in her chest area, but other than that she is feeling and looking great. He doesn’t know by the x-rays if the cancer has spread but I’m hoping and praying she remains staying strong and healthy!! I know it’s a big decision to make, but I’m certainly glad I made the one I did!! I wouldn’t change a thing!! Good luck and I’ll be thinking of you and little Snoopy;-)

  2. My 15 yr. old shistzu was diagnosed with front left leg osteosarcoma in March 2009 and paralyzed within two weeks, but I thought it was Valley Fever and we started treating him for that and he started walking slowly, but the cancer in the leg kept growing. I gave him K-9 immunity, Transfer Factor and any pro-biotic and protein human food I could, plus vitamins, blood root and 9 months later as the caner is growing in his leg more quicklly, I have scheduled him for an amputation. Snoopy does not quit and he’s alert, has a great appetite and loves being around people, but I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing. The oncologist thinks there won’t be enough skin to close, the surgeon feels there will be and Snoopy will be pain free after a few days. If anyone has a thought to help me, PLEASE, PLEASE do. I’m so confused, yet want to help my sweet dog.

  3. Thank you so much for these inspiring stories. I just finished reading Keno’s website in it’s entirety and it just helped ease my heartache so much. My sweet Tessa underwent front right leg amputation today and I’m struggling to reign in my sorrow over losing even that much of her let alone the terrible prognosis we were given this morning of only 3-6 months. I truly believe in miracles and these wonderful stories helped me tonight to reinstill my belief. I feel blessed to have found when I needed you all.

    Happiness and Health to you all and THANK YOU SO MUCH!

    Jenn and Tess MacGregor

    • Thanks for the kind comment Jenn, and bless you for taking such good care of Tessa. Just remember, she doesn’t feel shame or sorrow about losing a leg. She is only happy to be free of pain. Also know that doctors like to give the worst case scenario when it comes to prognosis. Please consider starting a Tripawds Blog to share Tessa’s three legged adventures with friends, family, and the entire Tripawds community. You will also find much more help and advice in the discussion forums. Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

  4. My sweet Morgan was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma just over 4 years ago! My little lady is beating all the odds and 4 years 2 months after her amputation surgery (no chemo) she is still going strong and celebrated her 9th birthday before Christmas.

    • Wow! That is the best news I’ve read since I’ve been reading a lot of information on dogs with Osteosarcoma. My dog had recently had her back right leg amputated since they found Osteosarcoma. I unfortunately can’t see myself putting her through Chemo. At this point I’m hoping a miracle happens that she survives longer than what I’ve been reading. That’s why your story has certainly given me hope!!! Thanks! Would love to hear more if you have any updates!

  5. Thank you for the inspiring story. My sweet dog Gracie is undergoing amputation of her left front leg at this very moment. I am a mess emotionally just thinking about all the unknowns and this has helped calm me a great deal. It gives me much more faith that Gracie will be OK.
    Blessing to Keno and Finnegan and thank you for sharing.


    sherry moore
    Golden, Colorado

    • Thanks for commenting Sherry, and best wishes to you and Gracie for a full speedy recovery.

      We started this website when Jerry was undergoing his amputation and are glad others going through the same difficult times find it helpful. Please drop by the discussion forums for more advice or to share your story,

  6. Jerry,

    Thanks so much for posting these inspiring stories about these fantastic dogs and their pawrents who have stood by them and had the faith to believe that miracles can and do happen! We all need encouragement along the way, and these are the kinds of stories that can help us stay focused on the positive possibilites that are out there for our dogs (and ourselves!). All the best to these canine survivors! Many more years of health!


    Sandra and “Luna”


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