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Complications can ocurr :-(

dock diving lab Rownik lost to cancer surgery complicationsWhile we hear lots of success stories in the forums from three legged heroes and tripawd cancer survivors, we can’t stress enough that every dog is different. Sadly, problems can arise when it comes to amputation.

Take Rownik for instance. This otherwise healthy young pup was recently lost due to complications from amputation surgery for a malignant tumor.

Our most sincere thoughts and best wishes go out to his people who were generous enough to donate the Ruff Wear harness they purchased prior to Rownik’s surgery to another dog in need.

As Yer Big Dog recently told us about his 2,000 mile cancer research walk, “this is no longer a cause, it’s a war” … and we must continue our battles together, fully aware that we will win some and lose some.

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9 thoughts on “Complications can ocurr :-(”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Rownik. God bless him!

    Today, my gorgeous, lovely and extremely sweet 3-legged golden retriever Casey lost her brave battle with bone cancer. This battle lasted almost a year.

    After her major operation amputating a front leg she was doing fine for awhile. The surgery couldn’t have gone better. After awhile though she developed seizures and balance problems. These combined with missing a leg made it extremely difficult for her to get around without falling constantly. Recently she deteriorated to the point where she had little quality of life.

    This afternoon she passed on, very peacefully, in my arms. Easily one of the most touching moments of my life.

    After her surgery she was never in pain. She smiled right up to the end (she had a very warm and content smile on her face as she passed on). She lived a wonderful life exceeded only by her effect on those she encountered. I know she’ll be waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge, robust, happy and playful as ever.

    Gorgeous, sweet and intelligent, God was certainly in a good mood when he made her. If I am blessed, my next four-legged friend and ultra-companion will be half as wonderful.

    All day I’ve had this haunting and touching song in my head. Very appropriate to this sorrowful loss. I’ve linked it below (disregard the silly slideshow they added).

    Bye, bye darling. You were the best, the sweetest and most adoring companion I could ever ask. Rest well sweetheart!

    Your 2-legged Daddy.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about Rownik and I’m just now reading about Jerry’s last few days battling cancer. I can’t think of anything else to say except “CANCER SUCKS!”

    This post reminded me that I still have the harness we bought for Presley and I should donate it to someone who can use it. It really came in handy after we amputated her leg one year ago in October of 2007. She thrived for awhile but we eventually lost her to cancer in March of 2008. I miss her so much.

    My thoughts are with all of you.

  3. Yer Big Dog (Luke) is so right, this is no longer a cause, it’s a war! Our deepest condolences go to Rownik’s family during this very sad time. While amputation is usually a safe and effective way to eliminate the source of the bone cancer, it is obviously apparent that complications can and will still occur.

  4. Stephanie, we are so sad to hear about your baby. Words are so difficult sometimes…please know that we are thinking about you and hoping that you have peace that you were doing the right thing….God just wanted him to come home.

    Much love and our deepest sympathies.
    Heather and Zeus

  5. Stephanie-
    We are so, so sorry that you lost your beloved Rownik. He was a very handsome guy, and I hope you know that you did everything your could for him. He has some really wonderful friends on the other side, so he will be in good company. Thank you for sharing your story.

  6. Thank you so much. We loved Rownik so much and he loved to dock dive more than anything in the world. We had to put him down last Thursday after he had serious complications from his amputation surgery. He was only 3 years old. This website has helped us so much but it is still so hard.

  7. Deepest Condolences for your loss… you did what you could and in the best interest of Rownik. Be at peace knowing that…


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