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Search results for 'TPLO' (514)

…) :). Our vet has been telling us for the last year or so to watch her diet to make sure thatnshendoesnt gain too much. Other than her first TPLO she has been very healthy. The Dr thinks she will do well as a tri. We are waiting lab results before we figure out what to do, and thinking that

11 May 2016 7:15 am
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…can only add that we were also advised that recovery from amputation would be easier than from a TPLO. The roughest part of our amputation recovery was Ellie's nausea. But physically (getting up and about) she was motoring on her own w/in a few

10 May 2016 9:31 am
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…sorry to hear! I don't have any experience with MRSA
but my Bentley had TPLO surgery a year ago and just had the same leg removed a few weeks ago. Going through another surgery recovery I don't remember the TPLO recovery as

9 May 2016 9:55 pm
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…another surgery-

As far as recovering from surgery, if your girl is a good candidate for amputation then the recovery period is shorter than for a TPLO or other knee surgery.  My quad-pug Obie has had both knees surgically repaired for luxating patellas and his recovery in both cases was way longer

9 May 2016 10:48 am
Posts: 12
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…vet think about her as candidacy as a Tripawd? She's still very young.

The good thing about amputation recovery is that it is MUCH easier than TPLO recovery. What would most concern me is her susceptibility to MRSA
infection again. I would definitely want an expert to do the amputation,

9 May 2016 5:11 am
Posts: 12
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…have been in 3months of misery following our 6yr old American Bulldogs 2nd TPLO.  The first leg about 3 yrs ago went well. This one has been one problem after another.MRSA
required removal of plate but she still is unable to

8 May 2016 9:51 pm
Posts: 12
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…Sally! Vito had bi-lateral TPLO in Feb of '09. front right was amputated 10/15. he came up severely lame almost 2 weeks ago, wouldn't put any weight on his rear right. Doc is

4 May 2016 11:07 pm
Posts: 36
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…with a similar scenario.  Our 7 year old Golden, Eddy, was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in his back left leg.  Only two years prior, he had had TPLO surgery on his back right leg.  We struggled, knowing his other back leg was already compromised.  But we decided the pain was too much for him.

…want to do whats best for her and keep her as comfortable as possible.  Molly is an 11 year old, friendly, set in her ways, shy rottweiler. She had TPLO surgery with hardware at about 7 years of age and has done well. Not 100 percent, but she can keep up. If she tries to jump, she strains herself

…want to do whats best for her and keep her as comfortable as possible.  Molly is an 11 year old, friendly, set in her ways, shy rottweiler. She had TPLO surgery with hardware at about 7 years of age and has done well. Not 100 percent, but she can keep up. If she tries to jump, she strains herself

…did do a bone biopsy (not just an aspirate) because Ellie's OSA diagnosis happened during what was going to be a TPLO for a torn cruciate.  When the surgeon found "soft bone", he took a sample and closed her back up. I think all his experience was telling him that

…came home and took a look at the actual invoices. I was a bit high thinking off the top of my head. Our amp was $3200. But we also had an aborted TPLO surgery the previous week which is probably why I was thinking high. 

25 March 2016 4:07 pm
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…then my Happy Hannah's sparkle came back bigger and brighter than ever and I knew I had done this FOR my dog!!

BTW, my Happy Hannah never had a TPLO or any other leg ossues at all!!

You Pittie is a strong dog. You'll be amazed at how well she does once she gets through recovery. Rear

…you all so much! To respond to some of you his TPLO was done because he tore his acl falling down the stairs and then off the bed a few months after (clumsy puppy). Also we are going to Blue Pearl

…is completely justified and worth it if it will help you make the right decision for your pup. 

I did want to say that I doubt the previous TPLO on this same leg would have caused the STS. STS shows up in lots of dogs who have never had a TPLO. Just like w/ OSA, there doesn't seem to be any

…cell cancer.

You said in your blog that you were worried that Bentley's other knee would not hold up, has that leg been evaluated? Was the first TPLO due to an injury or more his conformation?  My quad pug Obie has had both his knees repaired, 2 years and 2 days apart.  His were due to his knee

…is just used mainly for bone cancer. Also we live in NYC so I'm worries about the difficult change it will be if he does loose the leg. He also had TPLO surgery last May on the infected leg and wondering if that could have caused this. Any advise will help. Thank you!

Marissa and Bentley

…us the same diagnosis. So, we scheduled the surgery. 

On February 26th, only 1 week after the original x-ray image was taken, upon beginning the TPLO surgery, the surgeon stumbled upon some abnormal tissue. A sample was taken of the tissue for a biopsy. A follow-up x-ray after surgery also

…it should have started to eat away at the bone.  The vet didn't think we were dealing with cancer and referred us to another surgeon well versed in TPLO procedures to correct knee injuries.  Like our vet this surgeon didn't think we were dealing with cancer either and wanted to proceed with the TPLO

…us he'd never seen anything like it.  It was sent off to be biopsied and came back as non-cancerous but unsure of exactly what it was.

After the TPLO surgery Leland came down with an infection in the leg.  His meniscus also was not holding the screws of the plate in place.  His TPLO surgery had…

…while he slept.  My husband and I also noticed his tan markings around his backside had turned a cream color.  The surgeon had stated he could do a TPLO on the remaining leg but he was not confident in the success with these other health issues plaguing Leland.  Plus my husband and I couldn't bring

5 March 2016 8:03 am
Posts: 60
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…a beautiful girl your Sasha is!!!  Like you my Leland needed his rear leg amputated or we'd have to put him to sleep.  He suffered from a failed TPLO procedure to fix his knee and came down with an infection the hospital couldn't get under control after him being readmitted for 4 days.  We went in

4 March 2016 4:58 pm
Posts: 21
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It sounds like the option to do a "surgical" biopsy is probably something like what our Ellie ended up with. She was actually in surgery for a TPLO when the surgeon found "soft"bone. So he took a biopsy from the suspicious spot and then we waited. I think all his years of experience were

10 February 2016 2:26 pm
Posts: 13
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…second guessing yourself takes away from being in the present with Zoey!

Adjusting to three legs is exhausting, especially if she's jad two TPLO surgeries on the remaining legs.

One little "trick" that seems to "cheer" dogs up during this early phase (a d yes, it's still early), is to

3 February 2016 11:51 am
Posts: 25
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…and speaking with our vet we decided to amputate.  The first two weeks of recovery were a little rough but easier than it was when she had two TPLO surgeries.  Once she was off her meds (she decided one day she was done), her sparkle was coming back, she wanted to start playing and we moved

3 February 2016 9:45 am
Posts: 25
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…knee is not very loose you can try the brace.  If it is fairly loose or totally ruptured then I would pursue a lateral suture repair rather than a TPLO but that is just my personal preference.


1 February 2016 11:17 am
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 13
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…back leg .... OUCH!!! My poor baby boy! There was "mild" effusion around the knee and the vet dx "early partial CCL tear" and recommended a TPLO right off the bat.

We said whoa! And consulted Dr. Google ... Turns out there is a fair amount of controversy over how to treat a CCL. And…

…that there are some people (vets included) that think that TPLO's are over prescribed (huge money maker) and that conservative management should be the first line of action, then go to surgery if that does not…

…management first given Travis' history, size, and age?? Is a full rupture really inevitable????? If we go with surgery should we go with TPLO or an alternative, such as the Tightrope procedure that does not involve metal implants?

Any and all input is welcome!


Martha, Travis

31 January 2016 8:09 pm
Forum: Ask A Vet!
Posts: 13
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So now its awaiting game for more results and setting a date for the operation. I have a belly band that i made for Maizy when she had her tplo's done but I think i will be getting her something a little more heavy duty.

I can't thank you enough for the reassurance that I'm doing right by

…run. She started to slow down at the end of walks a few months ago but i just passed it of as a little bit of arthritis in her knees. She has had TPLO surgeries in both back legs about 4 years ago. Then she only kicked at her poo pile with one leg. I was giving her a bath this week and as i was…

…all of the info as she gets it. She truly loves Miss Maizy.

I am absolutely terrified by all that Maizy has been through in her short life. 2 TPLO surgeries. She was spayed but had recurring problems and it turns out that she has an ovarian remnant still in her. They went in to try and find it

…Sarah and Freeway, welcome. Your future posts won't need approval so post away.

That's awesome that you adopted him! And if you've been through TPLO surgeries, this shouldn't be too hard for you. We've had quite a few Tripawds who have had surgeries on their remaining rear limbs, here are a few

…has a Grade IV luxating patella and he won't be able to get around at all if we don't have it surgically repaired very soon.  I have been through 2 TPLO surgeries with my GSD so I know what recovery will be like and I just don't know how on earth we are going to manage getting him around for the

… but infused herbal oils like arnica and comfrey with the healing of Vito (and other dogs plus myself as well) thru his amputation, as well as his TPLO. From helping the initial incision, (lavender, tea tree) to the muscles (arnica, comfrey) to support thru chemo (ginger, peppermint, fennel,

22 January 2016 6:52 pm
Posts: 13
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