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Tripawd Tuesday: Hydrotherapy Helps the Persian Princess

Rehabilitation therapy for Tripawds isn’t just for new amputees. Today’s Tripawd Tuesday hydrotherapy spotlight on lovely Nora the “Persian Princess” shows that even long-term Tripawds can benefit from water therapy and other helpful amputee dog exercises.

Meet Nora, the Eight Year-Old Iranian Rescue Dog

It’s easy to fall in love with Nora. When she and her people joined Tripawds in 2015, we were instantly smitten!

Looking at her now, it’s hard to believe she had a terrible start in life. Read about in her Tripawds blog post “How Nora came into our lives and stole our hearts.”

Iranian Tripawd Rescue Dog Nora
Nora found her forever family in New York.

Nora, is a young Spitz mix who was found bleeding by the side of the road in northern Iran with half her right front leg missing.

Six years and one incredibly hoppy life later, Nora continues thriving in her Brooklyn pet palace.

Iranian rescue dog Nora and furmily
A hoppy rescue Tripawd living the good life!

Like all aging Tripawds, she’s slowed down a bit.

But her dog stroller hasn’t stopped her from enjoying life!

She loves going to the park, but it’s a bit of a walk for her to get there – so with the stroller she can conserve her energy until we get to the park, and then hop out and walk as much or as little as she wants.

Tripawd dog Nora stroller subway ride
Nora takes a ride in the subway!

Earlier this year she started slowing down significantly.

Her humans were worried. 

As Nora has gotten older and arthritis has started getting more pronounced. In addition to her IVDD, we’ve noticed her activity level has decreased noticeably.

She was losing some of her sparkle, but that’s not the end of the story. Nora’s vet encouraged hydrotherapy and rehabilitation therapy to get her body feeling good again. So Nora’s people gave Water4Dogs Rehabilitation Center a call.

We had considered hydrotherapy in the past. Not sure why we kept kicking that can down the road, but it fell somewhere between ‘Nora is not a huge fan of water’ and we were busy with other vet appointments and treatments for both Nora and our cats. When our vet mentioned it again at Nora’s last checkup we finally got the ball rolling.

Hydrotherapy helps Tripawd Nora feel good again
She has a new leash on life!

The results have been nothing short of spectacular. Check it out:

Watching Nora’s first hydrotherapy session is something I’ll never forget! It didn’t take her long to start doggy paddling, and she was supported in the water both by a life vest and by a very skilled and caring rehabber. 

Nora is back to being as mobile as she was YEARS ago.

We can hardly believe our own eyes seeing her back to running around playing with her friends during off leash hours at the local park and wanting to go for longer walks. We always have her stroller with us, so she can hop in when she needs to rest.

Nora’s got one of the best teams a three-legged dog could ever have! Read more about her hydrotherapy and rehab experience to learn more. Follow Nora and her furmily on Instagram too!

And please consider applying for the Tripawds Foundation Veterinary Rehabilitation Reimbursement Grant if you haven’t already. Your Tripawd is counting on you to help them lead a pain-free, hoppy life!

maggie moo fund for tripawd rehab

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