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Tripawd Rehab Home Exercise Program Gets Your Dog Fit

Ready to help your amputee dog get strong and fit? Now you can! A new Tripawd rehab home exercise program by one of the world’s best canine rehabilitation therapist and veterinarians is ready to help!
Learn Tripawd exercises from a veterinarian.

Veterinarian-Approved Tripawd Rehab Home Exercise Program is the First of its Kind!

Head’s up: is an affiliate for this pawesome program. This means that a portion of every sale goes to help keep the Tripawds Community. Thanks for your support!

Tripawd Emma rehabilitation therapy
Emma gets professional rehab thanks to Tripawds Foundation donors!

It’s so hard to know how to help your hero get strong after amputation surgery. The Tripawds Foundation’s Maggie Moo Fund for Free Tripawd Rehab can help, by paying for your dog’s first rehab visit. But what if you don’t have a dog rehabilitation center or physiotherapist near you?

Never fear! There’s a way to help your Tripawd safely exercise after amputation surgery!

Tripawd home exercise program
Get your Tripawd fit with an expert, at home!

This is the first online, vet-approved Tripawd home exercise course of its kind. We are proud to bring it to you because it’s made just for Tripawds, by experts in the field. This Webinar and 12-week Tri-Limb Home Rehab Program is a downloadable pet-parent course created by Dr. John Waterhouse, CCRP. Along with his wife, veterinarian Dr. Celia Waterhouse, they are founders of the Veterinary Teaching Academy and Canine Rehab on Demand.

Now, wherever you live in the world, you have access to one of the world’s best veterinary canine rehabilitation (physio) therapy teams. 

Get All Details About the New Tri-Limb Exercise Programs

We spoke with Dr. Waterhouse recently about his new at-home exercise program for Tripawds. Watch the video to learn about the courses, and get a video tour too!

No time to watch now? Download the Tripawd Talk Radio Podcast and listen on the go!


Learn and Get your Tripawd strong and fit, at home!

Both 12-week exercise programs just for three legged dogs include an educational lecture. Learn everything you need to know about amputation recovery for dogs, from a veterinarian’s perspective! Most importantly, you’ll learn how to keep your amputee hero safe when exercising.

amputee dog exercise
Get help from a veterinarian rehabilitation therapist.

Programs for Front or Rear leg Tripawds:

Tripawd nutrition
Dr. Waterhouse shares his best supplements for Tripawds.

Each Tripawd rehab exercise program includes detailed, step-by-step video instructions and downloadable guides. They’re designed as 12 week programs. You will learn how to help your recovering Tripawd get strong, and stay there.

The best part? Every program includes lifetime access!

Senior Tripawd Dog Exercise
Sweet Ruby benefited from passive range of motion exercises.

Learn More About These Exercise Programs for Amputee Dogs

Canine Rehab On Demand – Back Leg Amputation 12 Week Program

Rear leg amputee Tripawd home exercise

Learn how to help rear leg amputee dogs.

Canine Rehab On Demand – Front Leg Amputation 12 Week Program



We hope you find these programs as helpful as we believe they are. If they make a difference for your Tripawd, let us know. Contact us to share your Tripawd home exercise success story!

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7 thoughts on “Tripawd Rehab Home Exercise Program Gets Your Dog Fit”

  1. Does anyone know if there is a coupon code available for the tri-limb rehab on demand program? I would really like to do this for my dog, who recently had an amputation, but would like very much for a reduced cost.

  2. We adopted a terrier mix front leg tripawd on Jan. 1st this year. He comes with a history of having been attacked by a pack of larger dogs resulting in multiple bites on all limbs and supposedly the front right amputation. Additional information states the limb was amputated prior to the fight so we don’t really know how long he has been a tripawd. His mobility was great during the first 7 weeks with no indication of pain. Over the past 6 weeks he is demonstrating decreasing stamina/mobility and significant increase in pain. He responds well to Capoten as needed and massage with Absorbine gel. He is on a glucosamine supplement plus Hills Metabolic and Mobility. Would this program be appropriate for his rehab? His vet is recommending acupuncture or chiropractic however we are not close to reputable providers. Thank you

    • Hi and thanks for adopting your pup. It’s not unusual for a new Tripawd to slow down like this, it’s usually because all their new life’s activity is catching up to them. It’s great that you saw your vet to discuss his situation. We do believe that yes this program will be helpful, but if you can perhaps manage the in-person visits for a while so that you can get him back to a pain-free life, that would be SUPER helpful and help him heal faster. Usually it just takes a few weeks, say 4-6, of initial rehab therapy before you can scale back on in-person visits. This program would be a great addendum to a program developed especially for your new buddy.

      Best wishes to you both! Keep us posted in the Tripawds Discussion Forums!

  3. Cooper has been a front-leg amputee for 9 years (he was a puppy when he lost his leg). He recovered at that time very, very quickly and he can jump into the car, does stairs quite well (we live in a one-level home though); and he jumps onto and off of the couch and human bed. But… we really can’t go for walks. He can’t keep up with the other two non-disabled dogs, and he not only lags behind but starts panting heavily, and often hops away into the woods (naughty) because I’ll walk ahead with the other two and leave him unleashed behind us. We live in the country, so there is no danger of traffic or anything. However, as he gets older.. I worry that he won’t be able to do any of this activity as time goes on. Would this program help in a case like ours?

    • Hi Kathleen, it’s great to hear from you! I’m glad Cooper is still thriving, he’s such a great dog! I would say that YES this program can help him get stronger, but I can’t say if it will enable him to keep up with the other dogs. Have you considered a pet stroller? They are GREAT for multi-dog housholds! And some models are really good at going off-road. But first please check in with your vet to ensure there’s nothing else going on. And don’t forget the Tripawds Foundation can pay for his first rehab consultation too, so that will also put you on the right track.


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