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Free Pet Amputation Webinar

Did you just get the news your dog needs an amputation? Coping with your cat’s recovery? Mark your calendar for the first Tripawds Pet Amputation Webinar, a free live video call with community founders Rene and Jim. Register here to receive call details – and get a free copy of Tripawd Heroes, plus top recovery and care tips from veterinary professionals.

Tripawds Call

Tripawds Founders Host First Free Pet Amputation Webinar 

If you’re facing or coping with amputation for your dog or cat, you probably feel upset, stressed, scared, and alone. Dealing with your beloved pet’s amputation is tough enough without a pandemic. The current Coronavirus crisis only makes matters worse. But we’ve got your back!

Get the help & emotional support you need during your crisis.

Please join Tripawds founders Rene and Jim, for a free video conference call on Tuesday, April 21. You will learn the best pet amputation recovery and care tips – and most importantly, how to feel in control of the situation.

Free Pet Amputation Webinar Details:

Jim Rene and Wyatt
Tripawds founders and authors Rene & Jim with Spokesdawg Wyatt Ray

WHO: With Tripawds Founders Rene and Jim
(For New Tripawd-Parents)

WHAT: Free Live Video Call

WHEN: Tuesday, April 21, 2020
12:00 Noon PDT (3:00 Eastern)

WHERE: View from your phone or computer.
(Register for Free Zoom video link.)

WHY: To help your dog or cat love life on three legs.

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Monday April 20, 2020

Register for Free Webinar

Visit the Pet Amputation Facts page for complete details and to register for this free video call.

You will learn the best ways to care for your dog or cat before, during, and after amputation – and the best way to cope with this difficult situation.

If you have just begun your Tripawd Journey, attend this Free Video Conference for recovery tips and emotional support.

PLUS: Sign up now and you’ll also get a free copy of the inspirational Tripawd Heroes e-book. In addition, we’ll send you videos with amputation recovery and care tips from veterinary experts Jim and Rene have interviewed.

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