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Tripawd Tuesday: Mason the Marvelous Lamby

Cats and dogs aren’t the only animals who can be happy Tripawds. From sea turtles to ponies, many different critters can have a great quality of life on three legs. Today’s Tripawd Tuesday is one of the most adorable Tripawds we’ve heard about: Mason the Lamb.

Tripawd Lamb Mason

Tripawd Murphy wrote about Mason recently.

He had his surgery on April 16th out at Michigan State University – now, we were at MSU on April 16th for their Celebration of Life ceremony with Murphy.  During our tour of the facility, someone came around a corner just as we passed by and walked down the hall the way we had just come and they were carrying a little lamb!

This little sweetheart was saved by the amazing humans of The Devoted Barn, an animal rescue organization in Newport, Michigan. This unique organization works with at-risk youth and special needs adults to help care for animals saved from terrible conditions. The fine vets at Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine help the Devoted Barn with medical care.

Mason’s case was a dramatic one. He was unable to stand on his left front leg, which was extremely swollen. Clinicians at the Hospital performed radiographs, which showed that Mason had a serious infection in the bone and joint.– Read More

Mason’s condition eventually required amputation. Thankfully MSU raises money for a “Big Babies Fund” that helps offset some of the costs of care for groups like the Devoted Barn. Mason had his surgery in April and is clearly doing great! Check out the Devoted Barn’s Facebook page for updates.

Mason the Tripawd Lamb
Who’s walking who?

A big 3-paw salute to Murphy and Donna for sharing this great news with us!

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