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Tripawd Tuesday: Virginia Tripawds Unite

This Sunday the Tripawds Nation is having a get-together in Richmond, Virginia, which also happens to take place on the same day as the Morris Animal Foundation Unite to Fight Virtual Walk to raise money for pet cancer research  What a great day to pawty! You can join everyone in spirit by supporting the Unite to Fight Walk here.

Today, we celebrate these pawesome Tripawds members for reaching out to one another during good times and sad and organizing the Virginia Tripawds get-together. We hope the event is unforgettable and will inspire others to organize Tripawd Pawties in their corner of the universe.

Angel Jake

Angel Jake and his amazing blue eyes.

Jakes’s Mom Elizabeth writes in the pack’s Tripawds blog:

Our 12 years together was so amazing. You were the greatest dog ever. I know just from the look in your eyes that you thought I was great too. We were quite a pair weren’t we? You running like a lunatic through the house, tail tucked, as fast as you could…and me laughing so hard egging you on. Me trying to pick you up and put you in the tub when you sat like a cement statue because you hated a bath. Then you’d get me back by shaking all the water off next to me until I was just as soaked as you. We’d lay in the hammock together in the sunshine, and we’d snuggle on the sofa on lazy saturday afternoons. We had so much fun didn’t we?!


Tanner the mountain dog

Tanner is now part of Angel Jake’s pack. Elizabeth writes:

He did it! He hiked the highest peak in Shenandoah Nat’l park today. This was his first real hike so we cheated by starting at the halfway point, BUT he climbed over boulders and through rocks no problem! I’m so proud of him. Last time we were here, Jake was with us. I just know Jake was there in spirit and so happy Tanner is following in his footsteps.

Spirit Happy Hannah

Spirit Hannah

Happy Hannah’s mom Sally writes:

We know how fortunate we were to have this time together and we never took one second for granted! We never gave up on each other…and as hard as this piece of crap disease tried, we never broke!! We bent a little every now and then but we never broke! And we never broke because of each of you in this community. It has been a privilege…a true, true privilege to be on this journey with each of you. I could never go one second without smiling or laughing or just beaming all over when was I Happy Hannah’s presence. She is truly the light in my soul.



We’re hoping that the Virginia Tripawds pack of Deb and Lexie can make it too. Our paws are crossed!

Deb writes:

We’re going to make the most of the time she has left — and hopefully we’ll have a chance to hang out with the wonderful Sally/Happy Hannah and Elizabeth/Jake and Tanner in June in Richmond!

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6 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Virginia Tripawds Unite”

  1. So the Canadian Contingent of Linda and Tucker is wishing that this wonderful event was taking place closer to Southern Ontario 🙂

    That being said (ignore my jealousy) I hope you all have a wonderful visit together and I plan on enjoying this event vicariously through the pics and videos that you post.

    Many hugs

    Linda and Tucker

  2. I agree with Sally, thank you so much for honoring them! This was the first thing I saw this morning, and my eyes swelled up with tears. I miss my gorgeous blue eyed Jake so much. I know they will be smiling down on us all and bragging about which human is theirs :).
    I can’t wait to meet Lexi and Zachdog, and any other pups who may happen to show up 😉 !!!!
    Woooo hooooo!!

    • I signed up for the Unite to Fight Virtual Walk also, in honor of my Jake. Not only will we be amongst Tripawd friends, but we’ll be walking to help kick cancers ass. I can’t imagine a better spent Sunday!

  3. And weather is LOCOMOTOR INGREDIENTS GOOD!!! OMD! LOL! What the……….

    ANYWAY…… is looking good….pretty ot and maybe afternoon storms but at least it doesn’t look like it will be dreary, rainy day! YAAAY for sunshine! Heck, we’ll all be beaming so much we won’t even need sunshine!!!

  4. Awww Jerry, thank you so much…so very, very much for honoring Jake and Happy Hannah. To know they will continue to be remembered here through words and photos is just…..just so ….I don’t know…..just important because it is life affirming and validates their lives made a difference here at Tripawds.

    We will be celebrating ALL our heros who have transitioned into the energy of light AND ALL the beautiful souls who are continuing to grace us with their presence as we walk by their side on this whacky journey!

    To see Lexie and Tanner ‘s pctures and to know we will be meeting them in person……YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! I feel like we’ll be meeting true Royalty!!! AnD, I happen to know there will be other ROCK STAR ROYALTY there too!!

    All my love!

    Sally and Happy Hannah

    O, and weather is locomotor ingredients gooooood!


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