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Enter the 2014 Tripawds Calendar Contest

Calling all Tripawds members, it’s time for the 2014 Tripawds Calendar Contest!

Starting today your Tripawd can be considered for the 2014 calendar when you share your one very best Tripawd photo here in the Tripawds Discussion Forums.

Who’s Eligible?

  • All registered members with living or angel Tripawds of any species
  • Honorary Tripawds (quadpawds undergoing palliative care, those with a limb deformity, etc.)
  • Packs with multiple Tripawds are also eligible (you can enter 1 photo  per Tripawd or a group photo).

Photo Requirements

Only one “Print-Ready” Photo per nominee will be considered. This means that the one image you share here must be of good enough resolution/size to be printed in a paper calendar. Your original source image must be at least 2300 x 1800 minimum size.

Here’s how to tell if your photo is the right quality:

On a Mac: view the photo and “Get Info” by typing “<cmd> + i” (Command+I)

On Windows: hover your mouse over it in your Library or image viewer.

Clear as mud? Ask any questions you’d like so we can help you find one great photo.

The Voting Process

Round 1:

  • Not sure how to upload your one photo in the Forums?
    Read these forum photo upload instructions.
    If you still need help, contact us, we’re happy to assist. Keep in mind that when you post your pic in the Forums, it will automatically be resized. That’s OK. As long as you have your original photo you’re in business.

Round 2:

  • Voting will happen between 10/12 and 10/20. We will start sharing all eligible nominees and their one photo on the Tripawds Facebook page wall on 10/12, spreading them throughout the day. We’ll do our best to get them all up on that day so everyone has equal voting time, but it depends on how many nominations are received here.
  • Nominees will then ask as friends and family members to “like” their photo. Each “like” = one vote. Tripawds members can vote for each other too!
  • Not on Facebook? Post your photo in the Forum Discussion, we’ll then put it on Facebook like everyone else’s. You can contact your Friends and Family via email and ask them to vote on Facebook, have them vote in the Forum Discussion or contact us with their vote.

The 12 nominees with the most “likes” (votes) received between 10/12 and 10/20 will be in the calendar. Winners will be announced the week of 10/21.

We hope this makes sense. Please ask any questions if something’s unclear or you need help, then start digging for that one perfect photo!

Thanks so much for your participation. A portion of calendar proceeds help keep the community online.

Sharing is Caring!

2 thoughts on “Enter the 2014 Tripawds Calendar Contest”

  1. I think I accidentally posted two times. Once in the actual forum as a new post and then within the contest discussion. I tried to delete the new post.. Sorry! I’m rusty on posting photos. Please delete one. Thank you!


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