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Eisen’s Four Year Miracle Continues

Tripawds often make osteosarcoma survival statistics look silly. Some like Eisen have thrived for years after losing a leg to bone cancer. In January, our hero celebrated his 13th birthday, four years after doctors said he would only live a few months without chemotherapy (which he didn’t have).

What a joy to hear he’s still doing great!.

Greetings from Eisen

“Well, friends, a few weeks ago, I turned 13. As I understand it, that’s pretty old for my “breed” (whatever that word means!). Since Mama tells me several times a day how handsome I am, I’m guessing that “handsome” is my “breed”!

Eisen and GracieMy dinner that night was pretty extra great, I got my favorite “cheat” snack: a full Quarter pounder with cheese (without the yucky human fixin’s on it: just meat, cheese, bun!)! Oh boy, just thinking about it now makes my mouth drool that good kinda drool that goes from my lips all the way down to the floor in one solid stream! YUM!

I might have to give Mama ‘the look’ to see if she will go get me one tonight. hmmmmm…

For those of you keeping count, I am now over 4 years post cancer. Mama credits it to the grace of God, the power of prayer, my own strength of spirit (after all, my name means “iron” in German!), and of course the natural remedies that I have taken since the beginning of my journey as a tripawd.

It’s getting a bit tough in the “being 13 department.” My body is feeling the age and my muscles have gotten kinda wimpy which makes it hard for me to get up and down and all around, if you know what I mean.

Eisen and GracieBut, I’m a blessed guy. I have a Mama who helps me with all that, doesn’t complain (too much) when I have to expel some stuff in the house (again, if you know what I mean) and she has to clean it up, and she brings me water when I’m too tired to get up to get it. Yes, sometimes I do milk that one. It’s cool having a human hand-servant!

My girlfriend Daphne is as gorgeous and loving as ever and I have a new little buddy named Gracie. She’s a small tortoise shell colored cat who looks like she is still a kitten, and she is funny! For some reason, she likes chewing and rolling on my feet.

Mama tells me that we remind her of some Warner Bros cartoon characters (huh?) named Marc Anthony and Pussyfoot/Cleo. Let me tell you: Gracie is a great napping buddy.

Eisen and GracieSometimes I forget how small she is and how big I am and I just flop my whole head across her warm soft belly like she is my personal pillow. Gracie doesn’t like that too much, but she doesn’t hold it against me.

Time for me to grab some shut eye. Gotta grab some beauty sleep to hold true to my ‘breed.’

Blessings my friends,


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7 thoughts on “Eisen’s Four Year Miracle Continues”

  1. WOW – You’re doing so great! Hoppy 13th! Gives me great hope for my 6 yr old Baby. Here’s to many years – a day at a time.

    Judy & Baby

  2. It makes my heart so happy to hear of you pups out there who have beaten the odds and kicked cancer to the curb!!! You’re doing it for all of us. Way to go, Eisen!!!

    Rio’s momma

  3. Dear Eisen,

    What an inspawration you are to all of us. I want to be just like you when I grow up! A big howl to you from the Oaktown Pack +1! Keep on keepin’ on buddy!

    TR and the OP+1

  4. Eisen and Family –
    What lovely, happy news you have shared with us all. We are overjoyed to hear of your birthday celebration! We wish you the very best and send lots of love and kisses ….

    Barney B, and mom, Linda
    Texas Tripawd!!!


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