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Over whelmed, biopsy after amputation now bone cancer, not on remotely correct pain meds.
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27 August 2020
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5 March 2021 - 6:16 pm
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Help. My dog had her leg amputated due to Soft Cell Scarcoma, so we believed. She had the de bulking surgery went from a type 2 to 1 had the radiation. Was in her ankle. Had radiation Feb 2020. She loves to run, due to COVID could not do a park so went to high s hook. She had been doing her two mike run, limped a little on non cancer leg. Kept her off leg few days. Then slowly walking. New Wag walker, she comes back looks like hips dislocated. So was getting chriopractor, but had to see their. Ext. Disaster, stuck in care COVID. She works wrong leg. Vet did acupuncture wrong leg did cancer leg. Immediately leg shacking. Couple days of that then, Maicie can’t walk that leg, really not either back . Then lumps, not where other cancer was. Believed swelling but knew soft tissue removed. Over 45 days, had X-rays they were sent to cancer doc San Diego. 2.5 hours from me. Then appts, then cancel, CT machine down, then CT broken, Radiation Oncologist not returning my calls. Actually I saw him once after they did the big CT scan. Then he said 5 radiations not 19. Brought her back a week later to start. I asked to talk to him, they took Maicie back for first radiation.  I go pick her up, ask again. He had not gone over prognosis. So I did not know 18 ,moths or two years or he thinks this would get it. Then an annual follow up. Week goes by. I keep asking nothing. Pick her up last Radiation he just left. I leave a message to call me. dr. Oklgavie comes over to answer questions. I said why do you want to see her in a week. Oh to check on the cancer. I said so your doing another CT or something. He says no must looking. I said but we have never been able to see it and she does not lump nothing. I said would it make more sense if I went in your Ontario office had them do a CT in a couple months. They can send to you. You could have a better look. Yeah that will work.  Still wanted to talk to the radiation doc.  Call back two weeks later, leave another message. Then another two weeks told he is at home. COVID quarantine. This was now late March. Then when all this started 3.5 months later. Never could get him on the phone at all. Was coming down for me to go to Scripps, made appt her to get the CT scan and see their Ortho Dr. her limping other leg swelling.

Had X-rays done at my vet sent to them of her leg and spine. Heard notthing. Had her go see Surgeon at Animal Specialty. No idea if he looked at X-rays. Saw Ortho doctor. Told nothing. This was mid July.  By early Aug pissed her oncologist. But that was preventative. But made appt Tustin an Ortho Dr. for non cancer leg. 3 weeks have to wait. Asked rush, they said if Vet ordered. Called Vet, vet ordered

now 2 weeks.

Now in Tustin every medical record on my iPad, but already sent ahead.  Ortho Dr calls. 2 months later told cancer earring thru leg. She was standing with leg lifted as we were waiting to get her in COVID.

this just get worse.

Hour later told cancer has eaten thru the bone she needs her leg amputated. Zero hesitation. If radiation did not work, always had that option. Leg goes off, no question, enough. This cancer needs to go. She just turned 10 was going all over perfectly walking. Not what I expected. Found out they did not give her one of the meds before she left hospital. I did not give as said all meds given. Biopsy comes back bone cancer. Shocking. Makes no sense to oncologist. They recheck all three. First and second stay with soft cell and second narrowed down the type. 3rd. Bone cancer. But they don’t have some stain to confirm.

So approx month after amputation she starts Chemo every three weeks as a precaution. X-rays were done Aug and Oncologist did again October. Clear. Oncologist decides at 3rd appt next we will recheck X-rays and ultra sound.

To my utter shock Maicie has bone cancers in her lungs. I looked up everything on bone cancer. But did it from suspect or diagnose. Not

Knowing I sitting waiting for it to go to lungs now days are numbered. She prescribes a chemo drug diff then Dr Aly says. Then he said it won’t make a difference. Oncologist messes up. I have to order. Now early Feb her last chemo Dec 4th.

Not remotely happy with the surgeon, she was to put Maicie on anti inflammatories for her good leg, the leg she went in for. But then they gave me no drugs after staples out. I had read here about drugs. So kept her on Gaabapetin.  Maicie was walking perfect right out of surgery. Was great but she had to loose weight. Still. But after the chemo and now I know other drugs out of her system. She drags. She has been dragging since Nov.

I knew she had to be on something. Gabapetin was all oncologist said, surgeon said see reg vet. They gave me 100m. I had 300m. She got 200 m before surgery and 100 Tramadol.  I start guess on her Gabepetin. Then add tramadol. Knowing none of these are anti inflammatory. Cancer doc won’t do anything. Call regular doc,  takes to receptionist. Vet leaves message oncologist should be doing this.  I am thinking why unless cancer is causing the pain. But I know most is from amputation

I am such an idiot 3 weeks I realize she is in pain.

I have had it with Oncologist. What now waiting for her to die. I don’t give up on my dogs ever. Called two weeks ago wanted new set of X-rays. As we have no idea when this happened. It could have been in lungs since Nov. So now 5 weeks what is it doing.  No they tell me too soon nothing going on. Of course 2 days to get call and not vet. 

So I need a referral to am amazing oncologist. I had Dr. Ayl but he moved to Britain. Has been helping me on messenger.

Now noticing Maicie tail is looking like her amputated leg. Her tail appears to be moving to the right where she drops. God no wonder pain her spine.

stupid me would have put her in therapy. Granted no return calls and not man6 around her, non San Bernardino and none Riverside.

Only reason I know the pain stuff. Two knee replacements second one bad. So years of that just logic defies what I see. Serious does of Percocet and hate the drug.

Turns out the oncologist was not the one who told me about the cancer in the chest.  Maicie was supposed to have the stuff at the Dec 29. Then they called oncologist had an emergency. Moved it two weeks. At the 2 weeks oncologist now off Covid quarantine. I said I don’t care. She does not do the X-rays of the ultrasound. Have them done if she can’t read them nor nobody their can I will take her someplace else.

I was positive she was going to be okay. How does a second cancer even after radiation become another one. Worse I know it is not genetics.

Now wondering why her Oncologist from San Diego where she had the radiation has ignored all my calls since before she started radiation. This was going on in July.  Seriously weird. I ask for her records. Told it was small slow growing. Well first biopsy said aggressive. Knew after De Bulking a little she could not get at bone. They described it as small in reports. But then sent follow up letter to wrong vet at Palm Springs Animal Hospital , thanks for referral then says palliative care and will probably do another in 6 months. They did 5 radiations not 19.  I asked him why he said that was all she needed.

Poor Maicie now her tail looks like moving towards amputation, that means spine. I know her good leg needs anti inflammatories.

The oncologist is just awful, this one girl thinks she knows everything and that is who I get the call backs from. I was asking about food choices after reading here and she has to loose weight. The girl tells me not to switch foods the Dr does not like it.

That was the icing on the cake. I had a dog with lymphoma diagnosed a year in 2003, 12 years old. Was still in her first remission at 18 months. My younger golden had 2 sections of mass cell. 20% surviving the year. Never got again. I did holistic and what De. Ayl wanted.   Angus the younger ended up getting kidney failure from being on Deremaxx long term. From cracking down the middle the largest molar. Face blew up. Intern at Animal Specialty said nothing wrong with teeth. This episode started suddenly after he was eating a Nylabone.  He loved balls I was tossing him tennis balls and he missed one. I thought must be sun in his eyes. Threw few more. Nope he could not see them. Take him to eye Dr. his retinas were half detached. Went there every week for 6 months. He turned white.  One day blood on his paw. Dr. Ayl said if you ever see blood check he has Von Walden something. I trace it to his mouth. This huge long tooth has blood right down the middle. Exactly on the side of the face that blew up.  Had to take him to a doggie dentist not many end of 2003. They said he needed a root canal and a crown. I said how is a crown going to stay on that long tooth. Oh we do it all the time. I never even asked the cost. Anything for my kids. But when I checked out 3,000. I thought god your a yuppie. He got the root canal. I forgot he loved to stick his head out the window. On the way home 405. He has his head out the window.   I was so pissed. They did not expect the retinas to reattach so he would be blind. But they did just really jagged. So no night vision. I was so shocked how did the eye Dr. never once open his mouth. How did the vet on training rotation miss that break. Said he was eating a bone, suddenly stopped. Then acting weird. Took to emergency up in Lake Arrowhead. Then his face blew up on that side.

I watch my dogs like Hawks. Senior blood panels every six months. Amazing Breeder Canada. Maicie mom and dad still alive both 15. Dad from Sweden.  I went in knowing a fighting chance. 

but Percocet screws up my short term memory. 

help. Worse has taken me months how to figure this out. Hate Percocet. 

Anyway the derramaxx killed his kidneys. He only lasted a few months, then Maicie died 3 months later a broken heart.

Needless to say I normally am way better watching my dogs and I am failing.

The Rainbow Bridge

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25 April 2007
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5 March 2021 - 6:34 pm
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@Bugdogs, you are most definitely not failing. It’s clear you love your doggies. They loved you too I’m sure.

Right now I’m unclear, but is Maicie an angel now? I’m so sorry you dealt with such a very difficult situation, cancer is never easy. You can vent as much as you want so lean on us. 

It's better to hop on three legs than to limp on four.™
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22 February 2013
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5 March 2021 - 8:55 pm
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I see that your sweeet Maicie is an Angel now, following shortly after your Angus.  I am so sorry, but I know you find some comfort knowing they are free from pain and are  together now.  I have no do they are watching over you.

We are here to help you, okay?    We need to know from you  how we can best do that.  

Hopefully some of the insight shared from us, your newly adopted “family” can help bring you some peace.

First of all, I cannot even begin to wrap my head around all the ways the medical profession has failed you.  It is truly  incomprehensible.  YOU have NOT  failed your Maicie nor your Angus in any way shape or form!!!  PLEASE know that!  It is so clear that you would never leave any stone unturned when it comes to the care of your dogs. You have done far more than any ten dog owners would have done.  You went to extraordinary  lengths and expense. 

If I read rhis right, you have a Golden in.remission for 18 mo ths and you have another dog where some mast cell was removed and ne ER got again.  Your love and care and devotion  clearly helped to make this possible. ❤

There are no words to help take away the pain and anger you must be feeling.  The ONLY thing I can offer is that Maicie KNOWS how much you loved her.   It would hurt her to know that you are feeling like you “failed” her.  You cannot undo all the ways you were wronged.  You can  focus on how Maicie would want you to handle this….how Maice wants you to immerse yourself in all the joyous times you had.  She wants you to find the inner strength that she knows you have….that we all know you jave because  you are a fighter.  Use her love for you and you for her to empower you and find  ways to honor her memory.  

She wants you to try and move through that hurt, while  acknowledging  it’s real and justified, and focus on all the hapoy times you and Maicie shared.  She NEEDS to know uou can do that FOR her.  She and Angus both NEED to know you are okay and for you to know you did EVERYTHING  POSSIBLE  for them.  We know that.!! They know that!!.

We would love to hear about how special Maicie is  to you.  What she did to make you smile, to make you laugh.  We even want to hear if she was ever  a little bit naughty.. maybe would get into the trash….or counter surf.  How did she come about her name?  

Reclaim  your time together with an attitude  of gratitude for those glorious mements you shared.  Nothing  can take that away from you.  Nothing!!!! 

We are sending  you love and peace 💖

Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

Happy Hannah had a glorious additional bonus time of over one yr & two months after amp for osteo! She made me laugh everyday! Joined April's Angels after send off meal of steak, ice cream, M&Ms & deer poop!

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27 August 2020
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8 March 2021 - 4:34 pm
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No and when she does get to heaven she will have to be “Queen Angle”. 

the dog I was referring to passing with Angie was Maggie.

I am so upset with this pain med stuff. I can relate oh to well. Bad knee replacement. So I want to hack off my knee caps. But oncologist only doing Gabepetin and I know that is because I was giving that to her. For the phantom limp pain. Not that she has it. Was part of my prep reading on the site. But I know that is nerves. I had Tramadol from before and remember another Golden that was my dogs best bud.Marley had the cancer from leg. Did radiation. But he was on tramadol so I put her on that. But he good leg is carrying at 20 pound over weight girl. I have big goldens. But so. 80 pounds not 100. 10 pounds not so much excercise, since this.

vet today finally calling carprofen. Because I told them orthopedic dr, had her on that after. Meloxicam does not phase Maicie much. But don’t think Carprofen is for long term. I will check her last blood work and kidney levels first.

But working blind here. They confirmed Bone Cancer when it got to her lungs. Leg amputation was supposedly due to Soft Cell Scarcoma. But Biopsy came back Bone Cancer. I am not one for doing nothing and she is getting nothing. Last chemo was Dec 8. Then her recheck Jan 12. In lungs.

I need a new Oncologist never been happy but with Covid so not the same. You don’t even get the Oncologist you get assistances. 

‘’I need help on the drugs. 

they have a trial at the Colorado University Flint Vet. She matches. 

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27 August 2020
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8 March 2021 - 5:13 pm
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The one that was in remission was Maggie my first a golden. But Angus passed end of June and she passed early September from a broken heart. Her lymphoma still in remission. So stupid not realizing or thinking her loss. They went to work with me, everything. I never realized Angus was really the only dog Maggie ever knew and she was such a mothering golden. After the first month. He was bugging her, normal. Maggie snapped got him on the ear. But it was always just the three of us nights and weekends. During the day they had all my employees playing with them. People spoiled.

work a holic. Would post a picture but no idea.  How. 

so Maicie is here and I am freaked. Now I noticed her tail is slowly moving to the left where amputated leg is. Which means her spine. 

this Covid thing is killing dogs. No idea how she went from Soft Cell Scarcoma, debulk, then radiation. Acupuncture wrong leg, needle went right in her ankle where the cancer was. Her reaction was immediate. Leg shaking for days. Then she would not walk on it. She had two surgeries on the ankle one the de-bulking of the Scarcoma and she had zero reaction. No limp. Wanted to run. That was shocking, supposed to keep her confined. So after the needle she is limping. Seems to me like that is when it started eating her ankle then thru it. But how did so many miss bone cancer. Reading now what I saw going on was text book Bone Cancer. We thought swelling from hopping back and forth now both back legs hurting her. 

I take a lot of pain meds now from my incompetent knee surgeon. Hate Percocet, it so impacts my short term memory. Why three days to remember come back on here.  Only way I can walk now. Both implants have to be replaced. Not even 7 years. But Maicie priority. Bad enough I can’t even lift her with the sling. Well I can lift her with the sling. But the little beggar then takes off. Get her up on leg instantly moves. 4 feet good leg down. But now experimenting with pain meds. I have walkers for Finley. They get Maicie in the sling and she takes off at a run. Goes to the same path they walker. But then she stops. She should not be running anyway. But the guy walkers are taller so easier to jog next to her with the support thing. Sad because she was going all over by herself perfectly out of surgery for a month. Obvious now pain meds.


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22 February 2013
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8 March 2021 - 5:44 pm
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Well first of all, I’m glad Maicie has not gone  to Heaven yet to be “Queen Angel “

    then Maicie died 3 months later a broken heart.

Cannot imagine how frustrated  you must be. And on tape of everything  else, you have horrible knee issues and have to deal with the side effects of Percocet.

So just to clarify again…..

▪︎How long ago was Maicie’s amputation?

▪︎Up until recently,  she was walking just fine?  Is it possible she has overdone it and tweaked her spine, or disc  or neck muscles?

▪︎Ling mets were found around the first of January??

▪︎Were any options   offered to  treat the mets like Palladia?


Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

Happy Hannah had a glorious additional bonus time of over one yr & two months after amp for osteo! She made me laugh everyday! Joined April's Angels after send off meal of steak, ice cream, M&Ms & deer poop!

The Rainbow Bridge

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25 April 2007
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8 March 2021 - 6:28 pm
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Thanks for posting that list of questions Sally, I’m there with you on wondering those same things myself. @bugdogs if you can answer we can try to help give more clear direction to make Maicie’s situation easier for both of you. I’m sorry you are dealing with so many tough situations right now. 

I highly recommend working with the good people at Colorado State if she is able to get in there, especially on a clinical trial. You are definitely doing something for Maicie, you’re doing a LOT and making sure she gets great care by taking her to CSU. They can evaluate her and provide excellent pain management if she needs it, which it sounds like she does?

It's better to hop on three legs than to limp on four.™
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