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Worked all my life I mean actually was my life. Started a business in 1990. Was fortunate to take my two Goldens with me. Managed Homeowner Associations. They often were in the SUV when I had evening board meetings. Had them three years apart. For me can’t deal with death. But June 30, 2004 Angus past from kidney failure, Maggie died after Labor Day from a broken heart. She was at 18 months and still in her first remission from Lymphoma. But my dogs knew people not dogs because me an idiot. So when the younger one died. Anyway. I spent so much time finding a great breeder with no cancer in the line so m6 next dogs had a fighting chance going in. Kyon Kennels in Canada. I got Hamish Halloween 2004. What an amazing dog he turned out to be. Everything changed Oct 2007 when my home in Arrowhead burned down from a wildfire. I was fostering dogs by then. Stayed at another place. No garage off an access road. No fence. Had to have all 5 to 7 on leash at same time to get in the house take potty. Easy have strong upper body. But Hamish little buggar was a puller. No idea but blew out my left knee in 4 months. Such a workaholic and volunteering on Santa Clarita Counsel Red Cross. Had a full life always busy. But had no idea until I had the first knee replacement July 2013. Had to wait as I had just turned 50 and regardless if you are bone to bone. They don’t do that young. Will go faster. Bone to bone right knee around 2011. It carried all my weigh for years that surgery was Thanksgiving 2013. Breezed first surgery, was swimming two miles a week before second. All went bad 30 days after 2nd surgery. dec 29, 2013. In bed slot. By mid a January I could no longer sit. Awful years and stuff since. Have not fostered since week before first surgery. Never physically got back to office, then could not do evening meetings. 3 years thinking any day they will figure this out. Turns out surgeon messed up on first knee forgot doing right knee in a few months. Could have fixed when he found during second surgery. But did nothing. Anyway. My dogs became service dogs. Maicie barking to remind me to eat and feed them. Hamish would not leave my side since early 2016. He just passed a year ago at 15. Another story. This was right after Maicie went in for a drainage on her left hook. Initial needle biopsy said no cancer. During the surgery vet thought tissue look odd. Sent for test. July 8 4 days after turning 9 came back .soft cell scarcoma. Aggressive stage 2. No question she got at where we got stuck in Palm Springs. 115 never below 90, pool hot. We all we’re stuck in the house. Anyway no cancer docs in Riverside County. So got her back to the place did Maggie and Angus. Except the Amazing dr. Ayl just moved to London to be part of a new group doing cancer for animals. Thank god we remained friends so he has helped me thru this. I knew she had to get the cancer out. So went their anyway as Dr.Huber did my others and amazing. But when I went in they did not even look at her leg. Said take it off. At the time did not realize Dr. Ayl did both radiation and Chemo. So they had no radiation doctor so the off with her leg. I had no issue with 3 legs. But if necessary and with me being way worse, Hamish I was helping. It was not the best situation for a third entity in a house movement issues. Had the debulking surgery was great came back type 1. Zero spread. This type of tumor does not tend to spread unless untreated. Describe it as an octopus with tons of legs entwined. The surgeon that did the debulking said there was a little she could not get between bone. Then radiation. But not many dog radiation locations and me . Anyway one said 19 sessions for 3 weeks. Then another experimental 1 big radiation stronger dose. Made sense. Their office manager nightmare night before. At all times I knew amputation available if necessary. Went to San Diego Feb. They did CT. Said yep 5 radiations can do next week. I am 2.5 hours to 3 from their. Got hotel took her everyday. Was supposed to give two years. She was fine never was in any pain. Could not see the cancer but when her ankle suddenly got real swollen after a 6 am walk. Anyway. She was running like she loves to do June 19. Next day slight limp. Non cancer leg. Kept her off walks. Then went on walk, told walker. She came back fine, next day new unexpected walker. I told her. Said it anything stop call me I will come, keep walking Finley. She brings maicie back looks like her hip is dislocated she is walking non cancer leg so bad. Lady says she stopped 5 times. I said and you did not call. Covid limited me taking them to the park to run off leash. Any way. Decided to take to chriopractor. But have to see their vet first. Sat in car three hours. Short story she worked, I say that no idea what she did. But was to cancer leg. Then chriopractor who got her from the car. I told him no idea what she did. Maicie cancer leg has been shaking and she won’t put weight on it. So now poor thing is jumping back and forth. He comes back with her in 5 minutes. I assumed was not treating. He says no they set it up tell me the areas. My thought your the chriopractor. You did not check her out yourself. Worse he did whatever to the cancer leg. By July first in contact with cancer dr office. Need Ortho, they say go upland place, upland three weeks out. So decided have her go their back to San Diego. They could do ct check on her cancer and then see Ortho. They call said I could come but ct machine being replaced. So I move back another week. Change my knee appt at scripps. Next Tuesday. I get a call the ct machine is down. So guess they did not replace now have to. So they cancel appt. I cancel mine. Huge mess. Called back said but I need the Ortho. Get run around. Nothing making since. I wen5 to scripps early Aug went by there . Find out told lies about radiation dr by other doc. He is not on vacation. Next day I get call not radiation and he says again on a 3 week vacation. No idea I stopped by. I knew something weird asked for all medical records. Supposedly they sent as I always ask. But I had no radiation records. Monday I get 1 record. A follow up letter to my vet that the cancer has grown, they gave radiation to nake her comfortable. What the hell. She was never ever in pain even after surgery. I had also been suspicious because on the phone the cancer place he would say we have not see her But expected 6 months. Which is now.

Well it was 4 months when I started calling. But no idea what this 6 months was. I was shocked what I saw and funny only record they sent. I asked for every single radiation they put her under so had something. I called my vet . He was shocked never saw that letter. They had everything from the other oncologist place. So I set up Maici3 to see Ortho doc. Orange County. They said 3 weeks. But if vet called would move up. He did and it was last Wednesday. I had to be in Palm Sorings next day for 3 phase bone scan. Implant failure. Gee what a surprise,,being scarcastic.

They take her in this Covid thing drives me nuts. They had the xrays from early July I got from reg vet. And a detailed email how this mess.

The surgeon calls on the phone about 5:30 in the car. Tells me her sarcoma is a synovial soft cell and it is eating her joint. I am shocked she got tons of swelling end of June. Back of hock. But not near original surgery. Then behind. But the way she walked it was not a shock. But why trying to get Ortho. The last week the original spot started swelling. She said it has eaten thru both sides. We have few options. More Radiation, amputation, or do nothing she has about six weeks. Immediately said amputation. She is in a lot of pain never has been. She said they could get clean lines then she will be fine. If not clean lines then chemo or radiation. She said you don’t have to decide now. But soon. I said take the leg. They already have wasted almost two months since I contacted and sent cancer doc everything. Worse something wrong there. She does Tuesday and Thursday said could do tomorrow. But I had to be in Palm Springs for a nucular test, set weeks ago. Then pain doctor in another location Tuesday. He was set for 40 days ago. But long story. I left to get to San Diego. Had enough pills for a month.

Why all this. So little time. Signed up Friday night. Got the books Saturday. But got stuck in Palm Springs. We’d and Thursday to much for someone in a house all day. Then could not log in and forgot password. But was googling the first 3 weeks. I have to hire somebody already knee for me. But no way my dog will suffer from my stuff. Bad carpel tunnel was doing surgery few weeks. I can’t feel with either hand. But left is real bad and pain up the arm. Worse having numb fingers but middle feels broken. This is from laying on bed so much hand holding head straight while on iPad.

Thank god today you post what like to bring home.

So so much for bio. Four days away. Supposed to have sold my second home by now. Have not,even sold dads in Palm Springs. Wait should put in discussion group. Sorry on a lot of pain meds. Not good with technology change. Extremely independent my whole life. Helped my family , now alone and I know this is way past by body. I do t even know how to fill out this page.

I am a huge dog person. Have always had Goldens. Started rescuing them with Golden Retrievers of Los Angeles since 2006. Mid 2007 became a foster failure and adopted a 10 year old Sherrie. Then some people started Southern California Golden Retrievers a Rescue. Started fostering there also then a Board Member. Know tons about dogs. Have knowledge or tripawds.

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