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Caring for a Three Legged Dog or Cat

Tripawds is the place to learn how to care for a three legged dog or cat, with answers about dog leg amputation, and cat amputation recovery from many years of member experiences.

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Bailey Girl has earned her wings today.
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Member Since:
5 February 2014
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2 October 2014 - 4:41 pm
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I can't really talk or say much right now.  But Bailey earned her wings today. 

I knew last night she was trying so hard for me and even as drugged up as she was she never went to sleep or relaxed.  I said a prayer and told her it was ok I would be ok.  She's now pain free.

Thanks to everyone on here, I will sure be cheering everyone else on and supporting you the best I can.



Tracy and My Angel Bailey Girl

(that was hard to type)crying

Member Since:
18 June 2014
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2 October 2014 - 5:02 pm
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Tracy- Soooo Sorry! Come back when you can.


New Jersey
Member Since:
27 December 2011
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2 October 2014 - 5:23 pm
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Tracy, I am so very sorry for the loss of your precious fur baby. Please know that you are in our thoughts--you have been such a wonderful mom to Bailey. 

Sending huge hugs to you,

Joan and Lily

Our beautiful Lily was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in her front leg on 12/14/11 at age 8 and had amp on 12/16/11. She completed 5 rounds of carbo. She was so brave and kicked cancer's butt daily! She lived life fully for 4 years, 3 months, and 15 days after her amp. My angel is a warrior princess. I miss her so much.

Westminster, MD
Member Since:
31 August 2013
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2 October 2014 - 5:48 pm
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Tracy and family,

So very sorry for your loss of Bailey, and like I said last night in the other forum post, you and her did fight a long and mostly successful battle till the very never gave up on her and she didn't give up either, when you hit this bump in the road. And believe me, know one knows better than the rest of us that have lost our beloved Tripawds, how extremely heartbreaking it is to add that "Angel" designation on to their name. My precious Angel Polly, and so many other brave fighting warrior princes and princesses, were there at the Bridge to welcome sweet Bailey to a huge welcoming party......painless and running on all 4's again.

I hope time takes away most of your pain, and ultimately fills your heart with happy memories instead of immense grief, and heartache.

Keeping you and your family in my continuing thoughts and prayers, and please stay here with us if you can.


Bonnie & Angel Polly

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Member Since:
17 May 2014
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2 October 2014 - 6:23 pm
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Dear Tracy:  deeply sorry for your loss.  All of us here are witnesses to your dedication to Bailey throughout these past months.  She will always be with you in your heart.  Take care.


Our awesome Golden Boy was diagnosed for OSA in April 2014 in the proximal humerus, front-leg amp on 05/20/2014. Finished chemo (Carbo6) on 07/10/2014. Ongoing treatment: acupuncture + K-9 Immunity Plus ( 3chews) and home-cooked no-grain diet.   Stopped Apocaps because of liver issues.   Liver issues: controlling altered enzymes with SAM-e and Milk Thistle.  October 17:  started having seizures.  Taking fenobarbital for seizures.  April 18: started prednisone.

Member Since:
16 October 2012
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2 October 2014 - 7:27 pm
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I am sorry to hear about Bailey.  My thoughts are with you


Michelle & Angel Sassy


Sassy is a proud member of the Winter Warriors. Live long, & strong Winter Warriors.
07/26/2006 - Sassy earned her wings 08/20/2013

05/04/2006 -  Bosch, Sassy's pal, earned his wings 03/29/19  fought cancer for 4 months.

"You aren't doing it TO her, you are doing it FOR her. Give her a chance at life."

On The Road

Member Since:
24 September 2009
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2 October 2014 - 7:31 pm
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There just isn't a word that can express how much we grieve with you, how sorry we are that she is an angel now. I know how hard this was and I'm so sorry. Be good to yourself and your family, allow yourself the time to grieve and know that she is never far from any of you, or this community. Bailey fought and she lived and she loved through it all, her spirit shone so brightly and it always will.

Lots and lots of love coming your way.

Image Enlarger

Tripawds Founders Jim and Rene | | |

Member Since:
5 February 2014
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2 October 2014 - 7:42 pm
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Thanks Jerry.  That picture you posted for me was actually taken today.  You would never she could walk or get up without screaming.  Poor Sally called and she was screaming and I think it even scared her.  It breaks my heart she left in pain and I couldn't take her pain away.  Nothing worked at all last night not even 4 codeine and 2 Gabapentin and Pred.  I am lost, I want her back so bad.  She was my shadow.


Love and tight hugs,

Tracy and My Girl Amazing Angel Bailey Girl


I love you Bailey and I'm so sorry I couldn't stop your pain.

Orrtanna Pa.
Member Since:
25 January 2014
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2 October 2014 - 7:58 pm
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Tracy, honey, you did stop her pain. You took on pain from a broken heart to make her pain free. Oh how we all know that feeling of just wanting them back. Please know that we all witnessed your fight here. There was nothing you would not do to help your girl, including the hardest, most selfless decision you could make. Try and stay close here. I found great support and comfort here. I could pour out my deepest feelings and everyone here understood. As Jerry said, give yourself time to grieve. I was not done when most of the world thought I should be. That was hard. People here understood. I am so, so sorry you are going through this. I know that there are really no words to make it feel any better. Just know we all hold you close in our thoughts. Love from, Lori and TY

TY GUY, Best Black Lab ever! Diagnosed  and had amp in January, 2014. Kicked MRSA's butt. Earned his angel wings on April 16, 2014. Run Free my boy and don't forget a shoe. Ty is a proud member of the " April Angels". Ty sent us Daryl, a Tripawd rescue in Sept. of 2016. Daryl is 5 +or -. We are also Pawrents to Chandler, a Border Collie mix who is 15 and 1/2, Lucy, a Corgi who is 7, 2 minis, 2 horses, and a feisty cat named Zoe. Zoe had a non skeletal Osteosarcoma removed in July 2015. No Chemo, she was at least 16. She is going strong although she is now completely blind. She is now close to 20 and her hobbies are eating and sleeping in front of her personal heater. 


Member Since:
22 February 2013
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2 October 2014 - 7:59 pm
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It's not possible to write ....our hearts are all breaking with you...we all cry withnyou...we all hurt so badly for you....we all feel soooooo helpless.

2014-10-02-21-42-17_zpsw9ljnl8v.jpgImage Enlarger

Happy Hannah had a glorious additional bonus time of over one yr & two months after amp for osteo! She made me laugh everyday! Joined April's Angels after send off meal of steak, ice cream, M&Ms & deer poop!

Member Since:
14 June 2012
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2 October 2014 - 8:10 pm
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I'm so very sorry. Please know that you did everything right for Bailey because everything you did for her along the way was done out of and with love.


With love,


Member Since:
15 December 2012
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2 October 2014 - 8:43 pm
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Dearest Tracy,

You and your sweet girl had quite a journey. You always did your best for her even at the end when you took her out of pain. In time your hurt will get easier and you can share some special moments with Bailey. Take care.



Member Since:
22 February 2013
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2 October 2014 - 9:20 pm
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If there is one thing we all focus on, it's the perceived ending" of the earthly journey, rather than all the thousands and thousands of days prior to the transition. Being human just stinks sometimes.

And every single one of us...every single one of us...makes the "decision" as a result of some form of "pain".....some visible discomfort...otherwise, we would not be making the decision! Itr the way our dogs and cats let us know they are ready for transition.

One thing you MUST remember, Bailey was on pretty hefty doses of pain meds last night. Her behavior was most likely due to the pain meds. Many, many people here will tell you about dogs staying up for almost 24 hrs. after surgery amputation and mak i ng all sorts of crying noises. This is drug induced reactions....distressing for the humans, but not nearly as bsd for the dog as it appears.

And on some level Bailey knew she would soon be free from pain and she no doubt was excited. You told her it was okay to move forward to the next phase of her journey and she was happy about that. She knew this next phase of her adventure would be just delightful!

As Lori said, you did stop her pain. Yo j never ever gave up and each time you were able to make things better for her. Each time Bailey gave you some small signal she still had fight in her. She also let you know when she didn't want to fight anymore. When she gave you...and herself...this most recent rally, it was because she wanted to leave you with those wonderful weeks to celebrate all your dedication, all your determination, all your devotion. She wanted to give you that gift...Bailey wanted to let you see her tail wag again, her "garage" trick...and then you would know she had nothing left after that and she was fine with that!

Tracy, we all wish we could take your pain away, but we can't. And we are all crying with you. As unbearable as it seems now, the grief will continue to deepen even more in the next days and weeks. As much as you have been by her side 24/7, the void, the walking around aimlessly, the breaking of will be debilitating. I say that not to scare you, but to let you know we've all been in the darkness, we've all wondered how we could catch our next breath...and we all worked through it...and are still working through it. And one reason we could continue on is because we held onto this community, we leaned on each other...we read the posts of support, the poems, the pictures. We are all here for you and your family Tracy.

And another reason we continue on is because of our heroes. They have shown us what courage looks like. They have shown us what acceptance looks like. They have shown us what happiness looks like. And they want us to CELEBRATE their lives, not mourn for them. They know they are still here with us!!!

And you know what else? You know another reason Bailey was excited about her transition? There were thousands and thousands of laser lights lighting her way to the Bridge! She was absolutely estatic at the welcome home party the Greeting Committee threw for her!!! You've heard of the Northern Lights, right? Well, now you know the truth. The Northern Lights are all the dogs and cats at the Bridge playing with all those laser lights!!!

You loved Bailey enough to give her the gift of release. As unbearably hard as it was, you had the strength and courage to help her when she needed it most. Bailey is so grateful and so proud!!

You were the best treatment for Bailey's soul...and she will always be the best treatment gor your soul!!!

(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( HUGS AND LOVE ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Sally and Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle

Happy Hannah had a glorious additional bonus time of over one yr & two months after amp for osteo! She made me laugh everyday! Joined April's Angels after send off meal of steak, ice cream, M&Ms & deer poop!

Member Since:
30 July 2014
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2 October 2014 - 9:44 pm
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So sorry for your loss. Your girl is pain free and running wild now. You obviously gave her every inch of love and attention she deserved. She'll lend you some of her incredible spirit to get through the hard days. 

Wishing you well,

AJ, Jaime, and Spirit Peace

Member Since:
1 September 2014
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2 October 2014 - 9:57 pm
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I am so sorry about Bailey. Her story is one that I got on here to follow. You had so many ups & downs & I know she is grateful for everything you did for her including this final gift of freeing her.

Crying with you and sending healing thoughts your way

Sonya & "Millie"--born Feb 1999, diagnosed with OSA 8/27/14, set free 9/27/14
(RIP baby girl)

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