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Tripawd Tuesday: Three-Legged Goose Says “Catch Me If You Can!”

We are always so thankful when great Tripawd Tuesday stories are sent to us. Today’s is super cool! You are going to love meeting three-legged Goose. He’s a champion trick dog and superstar in the AKC’s Rally and FastCAT Canine Sports world! Here is his inspawrational story as told by his mom, Elizabeth.

Three-Legged Goose is Unstoppable!

three legged Goose is rockin' canine sports!
Goose is rockin’ canine sports!

In 2020 I adopted Goose who was a Tripawd as a result of being hit by a car at only a few months old. It didn’t take long for me to adopt the motto that three legs are better than four and realize that there really was no stopping him!

Goose has been a great hiking partner. He has eagerly come along for the ride into a multitude of dog sports. Our first foray together was in FastCAT when AKC gave the provisional acceptance for Tripawds to participate in the sport last year. There is nothing he loves more than to run and chase. His current top speed is 24 mph and resulted in Goose earning his BCAT. It’s the first award given for earning 150 points. This is based on the speed run by the dog) this past summer.

Three legged Tripawd Goose is competing in four-legged dog sports
He’s racking up the ribbons!

Goose also has learned enough tricks for his novice and intermediate trick titles with AKC and his novice, intermediate and advanced trick titles plus a handful of specialty titles with Do More With Your Dog. Most of his trick titles were earned to help pass the time while Goose was going through heartworm treatment this past winter.

Goose’s involvement in dog sports does not stop there.

His most recent accomplishment is that he earned his Novice Rally title with AKC! With all these opportunities available to us, Goose has started to cover my walls with ribbons and awards.

Tripod mom and three-legged Goose
Elizabeth is a proud Tripawd Mom!

I would like to share my deepest gratitude for the hard work that so many loving Tripawd parents and advocates have and continue to put in to get Tripawds allowed in multitudes of dog sports. And I am so thankful to be enjoying the product of their hard work and dedication for our three legged partners. I look forward to continuing showing others that the three-leggeds have just as much (maybe even more) love and life to give than their four legged counterparts.

Elizabeth and Goose

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