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2021 Tripawds Community Survey Results

The 2021 Tripawds community survey results are in! Thank you to everypawdy who took the time to answer important questions that help us grow and build a stronger Tripawds Nation. We thought you might want to know about how the survey turned out. Here’s a glance.

Who is the Tripawds Community?

2021 Tripawds community survey results

The Tripawds community is, in a nutshell, global. People come from all over the world, all sharing the 3-legged experience most of us were not expecting to go through.

For this first-of-a-kind survey, we received 166 responses. Pretty impressive! And we are so grateful for everyone’s participation. Here’s that their answers looked like:

Most respondents said they identify as female, have a dog, and are between 31 and 40 years old, followed by 18-30 years. Nearly 33% have been with Tripawds 6 months or less. About 18% have been part of the Tripawds Nation for three years or more! And they come from all over the world as this clip shows.


And if you look at the Tripawds website and think there’s a large team of people behind it, you wouldn’t be alone. Many people think Tripawds is run by a big company. We hate to disappoint you, but nope! It’s just “Admin Guy” and “Jerry.” Stick around here long enough. You will meet the two of us who keep things running!

Tripawds Community Survey 2021

Over half of survey takers said they turn to their favorite social media tools on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to find out about what’s happening at Tripawds. And it’s great to know that so many people find the Tripawds Newsletter and Discussion Forums so helpful too. Here’s the most popular ways that people access content on their own:

best amputee dogs and cats help

Because of your feedback, we will continue working hard to make these information sources better than ever!

Tripawds Community Survey 2021

Many people visit Tripawds at least once a week. That’s quite an honor considering how many zillions of Internet websites compete for your attention. THANK YOU!

Tripawds Community Survey 2021

Here’s an interesting surprise!

One of the few “complaints” we ever receive from members is that the website is difficult to use. We understand why. We have a TON of information! That’s why we created the Tripawds Start Page. We will continue looking for new ways to make the site easier to navigate.

A surprising aspect of the The 2021 Tripawds community survey results was enlightening. Responses to “Do you find it easy or hard to use the website” turned out to be different that we had expected. This is a good thing! We thought more would say it is hard to use. Whew! But for those who feel that it’s harder than it should be, please know we hear you. We are striving to keep this pie chart 100% blue.

Tripawds Community Survey 2021

Other Interesting 20201 Tripawds Community Survey Results Include:

The most popular ways that people find show we are doing a good job reaching people on search engines. Word of mouth is also popular. But we would love it if more vets told their clients about us. The good news is, you can help us do that! Just request free Tripawds Outreach Brochures for vet clinics!

find Tripawds support

    We really want to know what Tripawds parents want to learn. It was great to know about the most popular topics that Tripawds parents need to know. Other subjects for amputee dogs and cats that people want to know include senior care and pet insurance. Behavior, training, and member profiles are also popular requests. Surprisingly, puppy and kitten care tied for most and least important to know about! 

    what to know about Tripawd dogs and cats

    Meet other Tripawds parents!

    And finally, it seems many folks really want to know more about Tripawd rehab therapy at home. We promise to bring you more on that topic. A few want to know how to care for a three-legged cat. An even more popular request was Tripawds members really want to connect with others in person where they live. We had more than one person ask about Tripawds meet-and-greets.

    Did you know that it’s totally possible to organize a Tripawds Gathering? Start with the Tripawds Parties Discussion Forum topic. All it takes is one person to organize a local Tripawds party where they live!  We will help in any way we can with promotion and goodies.

    plan Tripawds parties

    Now that the world is looking a little more hopeful and normal, there’s no better time to experience how Tripawd parties create forever friendships! 

      Thanks again to the 166 folks who helped us see ways we can improve the Tripawds community. The 2021 Tripawds community survey results show us that we are doing a good job but can always improve and make it better! We promise that we are striving to do that. If you have more feedback, contact us any time, we are always around.

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      2 thoughts on “2021 Tripawds Community Survey Results”

      1. I didn’t know there was a survey or did and didn’t think I should participate since I didn’t have my Tripawd anymore. But these results are very interesting. 🙂 Thank you for posting this video again. It brought back so many memories of that year. We didn’t get to see Tina last year because of the Pandemic or this year either for that matter.

        In a few weeks we will be going on our yearly gathering. I can’t wait to see these gals again. <3 <3 <3

        Michelle & Angels Sassy, Bosch, Baby Simba and Sweet Snickers


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