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Tripawd Tuesday: Great Dane Eurydice Changes the World

It’s said that all dogs have a job to do and Great Dane Eurydice is no exception. Thanks to this magnificent beauty, never again will a giant breed dog be instantly dismissed as a candidate for amputation.

Giant Breed Tripawd Eurydice
Standing tall on three legs.

Tipping the scales at a big but size-appropriate 170 pounds, Eurydice is spending her life on three legs as Tripawds’ European Ambassador. From England to Monaco and everywhere in between, she is putting smiles on the faces of kids and adults alike.

She has osteosarcoma, but neither she nor her mum Teresa are letting this fact stop them from living life to the fullest. The team has recently made several trips througout Europe. They’re not just seeing the sights. They are changing hearts and minds about what it means to be a three legged dog — a very large one. 

Great Dane Tripawd Eurydice
Everyone smiles when they meet her.

In this very special Tripawd Tuesday blog post written by Teresa, we salute the Great Dane Eurydice and all that she and her mum have done to show the world that life can be good no matter what size a dog may be. Join us in giving them a round of applawse and enjoy this story about Eurydice that Teresa sent to us.

The Great Dane with a Giant Impact

“I would like to introduce my beloved girl Eurydice, she was a 77kg/170lb Great Dane pre amputation, towers at 98 cm to the base of the neck and enjoys life to the full since we first laid loving eyes on each other when she was only two weeks old.

Great Dane Tripawd Eurydice

Miss Cow is well humoured, really goofy, adores cats, birds and people (especially young children) and has never had a bad hair day in her life.

Despite being diagnosed with osteosarcoma and subsequently loosing her right front leg her life remained exactly the same as before, she runs, jumps, goes hiking, chews her bones, plays with other dogs … everything but going up and down stairs.

Great Dane Tripawd Eurydice

She sailed through 6 courses of carboplatin, 1 1/2 months of metronomic therapy and 3 courses of doxorubicin and took it all like a champ staying happy and energetic during treatments and showing zero side effects. 

She makes me laugh every day and has shown me cancer and amputation means nothing to her, she just wants to be with her Mom and make friends with everybody and have lots of adventures.”

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11 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Great Dane Eurydice Changes the World”

  1. Oh Kellye that was such a sweet thing to say …

    I am really, really happy Eurydice inspired you and Rosie, this is such a crazy and bumpy journey but we can make a difference by being happy and cheerful for our babies, after all a happy dawg lives longer and is more able to fight cancer, I am told.

    Gosh, wouldn’t it be amazing if your daughter would meet miss cow somewhere in Europe ?

    That would be truly magical !!!

    And I’m sure she will be able to recognise my girl 🙂

    Stay happy and well, big hugs and cuddles to your lovely pack 🙂

  2. Eurydice your story gave me the courage and strength to begin the journey with Miss Rosie. Your bond is amazing and darn, Miss Cow always brings smiles to my face. My youngest daughter is on a solo-trek through Europe for 2 months. She is keeping her eyes peeled for a 3-legged beauty. She hopes to meet our Tripawd inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Kellye and the Pack. ❤❤

  3. Hey everybody,

    Eurydice here.

    Thank you so, so, so much for your kind words, me and my Mommy are overwhelmed by how lovely you all are and how you enjoy our adventures (and my puppy pictures too).

    I was particularly touched by what Otis’s Mom said and SO proud she went ahead with Otis’s amputation because of my example, oh my gosh …

    I am determined to keep enjoying life for as long as I can and thank dogalmar (my breeders) for having allowed my Mommy to … become MY MOMMY !

    Sending you all lots and lots and lots of slobbery kisses and lots of love from Mom

    • I have been so afraid for my Lila Gray to have the amputation. Even though she is a OEM, her shape and manner are so much like Miss Cow, and she has given me confidence that LG (aka BooBoo) can adjust and have a good life as a tripawd. Bless you both. Xoxo

  4. Those puppy photos. I can see how you fell in love with her Teresa. What am I saying? I fall in love with her in each and every photo. Her love for life and people is so evident. Thanks for sharing in all the adventures and travels. She shows how living life on 3 legs is done.

    Auntie Kerren

  5. Such a cutie and how inspirational. And OMD those puppy pics!

    She was the main reason I went ahead with getting My Otis’ leg amputated. I figured if she could do it, so could he! And he can!

  6. A standing ovation for the MAJESTIC EURYDICE!!! 🙂 She truly is a GOODWILL AMBASSADOR OF LOVE and touches the hearts of everyone she meets!! Anyone who has the privilege of being in her presence ALWAYS has THE biggest smile on their faces!

    If you haven’t checked out her posts, you really owe it to yourself to do so. You will be uplifted and enlightened in ways you didn’t know possible!! Plus, the photos of plzces they’ve been are exquisite! And my oh my, they hzve been to a lot of places!! It’s a pictoral journey and a journey that willyou make your Soul and heart just soar! 🙂

    Tha ks soooo much for this delightful post AND pictures and video of the best Tripawd Ambassador we could ever ask for! 🙂

    Los of love!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  7. Eurydice is the Tripawd Ambassador!
    Eurydice is just as adorable as a puppy as she is full grown on 3
    Hop on Eurydice and keep defying every statistic there is!
    You have touched all of our lives and so many others everywhere!
    Hugs and Cuddles and round of applause to Eurydice and Mum Teresa!


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