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Salute to the Tripawds Nation on Jerry Day

Eight years ago we made one of the hardest decisions a pet parent ever makes. After a courageous two year victory against osteosarcoma, Jerry told us he was ready for his next assignment.

Jerry Tripawds Tribute

While camped under the big blue Wyoming sky in Yellowstone National Park, we knew it was time to help him move on. By day’s end his eternal spirit was prancing through the heavens, happy to be free, agile and young again.

Through the heartache that consumed us in the coming weeks, we could feel his presence so strongly. But the loss of our beloved co-pilot threw us into such a tailspin. What would happen to the Tripawds community that he started? Did we have it in us to go on? Uncertain of our path without Jerry at the helm, we grieved for his loss and wondered “What now?”

In time, Jerry gave us signs and told us that his mission wasn’t finished. We took each day as it came and before we knew it, here we are. Instead of mourning his passing, we’re celebrating his legacy and all those his story has helped.

The Tripawds Nation is Global

Eight years after his passing, Jerry’s spirit is as strong as ever. His mission has snowballed into a bigger cause than we ever imagined, like the Tripawds Foundation. Today, the Tripawds community spans the globe with members all over the world. Every single person who joins us adds another dimension to the Tripawds experience and for that we are so grateful.

Each new pack who joins us carries the Tripawds torch in their own unique way. Because when their beloved hero is done recovering, they too can show people everywhere that removing that “spare” limb is not the end of the road.

Currently there’s an awesome example of flying the Tripawds flag around the world: Eurydice!

giant breed tripawd amputee
Eurydice carries the Tripawd Nation flag around Europe!

Many vets still think that giant breed dogs aren’t good candidates for amputation surgery. But Eurydice is proving them all wrong as she travels throughout Europe with her pack. Hopping into countries that haven’t seen too many Tripawds to begin with, Eurydice’s hoppy spirit is shattering stereotypes wherever she goes. May she carry the Tripawds flag for a long, long time.

Ironically, it was a giant breed Great Dane Tripawd named Moose who originally inspired us to proceed with  Jerry’s amputation. If Moose’s folks had never had the courage to amputate, the Tripawds community might not even exist!

Today as we honor Jerry’s legacy, we salute every Tripawd parent out there who has embarked on the same path that we did.

tripawd, dog, amputee, Jerry
Jerry at home in Colorado.

Thank you, Tripawds moms and dads, for being brave enough to look at all options when vets told you that your dog or cat needed an amputation. We are honored that you allow us to support you through the decision to amputate, and walk you through recovery and beyond. Your courageous choice keeps the Tripawds spirit strong and thriving, and because of you, all animals lives are better because of it.

On behalf of Jerry’s pack, thank you from the bottom of our hearts on this very special moment in time.

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7 thoughts on “Salute to the Tripawds Nation on Jerry Day”

  1. It has been a long time since I posted on tripawds. My very precious Katies cancer returned in August of 2015 in ber back leg this time and her lungs. Before that she was trooper and remained happy and playful She was who made my life a happy. it was a tough year watching her through the biopsies, amputation and chemo My heart was broken but she kept me going . She remained happy through it all and for her I remained happy. We filled this time with the best of times When we got the diagnosis that it had returned I looked down at her and said to my vet we can not take away another leg. I told him I would like to let Katie live out what time she has left with me on the farm that she loved so much. She had her horses, chickens. cats and her sister and best friend Sarah the donkey. She was amazing and the animals were gentle with her and watched over her. it was a gift to me to see this mix of species taking care of each other. The oncologist said that she maybe had two months to live. When October came I was panicky. Katie and I chose to doing what we had all the time, playing, loving and and doing the best we could. Well she had a great Thanksgiving with us,, Then came December 9th and we celebrated her sixth birthday with a meatloaf cake with mashed potato frosting. It was her day. Then we had a wonderful Christmas. I could see she was getting tired at times and liked to nap. She still played and was happy just being with us.. She went out and played in the snow which was her favorite time of year. then on January 20th I could see she was ready to be free. i called my vet and he came right down to the farm. She was already passing when he arrived. He cried with us. Katie was such a wonder
    I will never stop loving her and the pain still remains it was the hardest loss I ever suffered. I want to thank you for all you did for me from Katies first diagnosis, the surgery and when ever I needed to talk you were there. Tripawds is an amazing organization.. Thank you Jerry for being the inspiration. i hope you and Katie met on the Rainbow Bridge. and have become best friends.

    • Barbara, thank you from the bottom of my heart to take time and let us know how Katie did. I’m very sorry for your loss and I know how hard it was to set her free, but am so very hoppy you were able to spend such amazing, unforgettable days with her. Your attitude, courage and love during this hard time only strengthened the bond you already had and I’m sure that Katie has returned the favor by leaving you little signs that she’s never far away. There’s no doubt that your happy girl and Jerry are having a good time at the bridge.

      Sending many, many hugs your way now and always…..

      P.S. You wrote such a beautiful tribute here. I’d love to share it for Tripawd Tuesday. If you feel up to it, contact us with some photos and anything else you’d care to add, and we will share her story with more people. It deserves to be told again and again, what an inspawration.

  2. Paw shucks, thank you soooo much for all the love. It means so much on a week like this. Jerry is so proud of all of you and the amazing community that you’ve created. It’s all about good humans like you, you make Tripawds so special. Thank YOU.

  3. Brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Jerry for everything you taught your mom & dad. Thank you Jim & Rene for continuing on in Jerry’s memory and letting him lead you to continue this wonderful community. If it weren’t for ALL of you Wyatt included I don’t know what I would have done.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart

    michelle & Angel Sassy

  4. Written just beautiful ! We Salute Jerry , Jim & Rene!
    11787 members not including those who didn’t sign up!
    We 11787 plus paw parents and our fur babies, thank you for your courage and continuing on this path!
    All animals and humans that “join the club noone wants to join “are better because of it!
    Thank you !


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