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Team Tripawds Rocks Puppy Up! Wheaton

The Tripawds spirit is shining brightly in the Midwest. On September 17, twenty Tripawds family members gathered at the 2016 Puppy Up Walk in Wheaton, Illinois. Not only did our angels, heroes and moms and dads come together to finally meet in person, but they also shattered fundraising records for this Puppy Up Walk:

Team Tripawds raised $6,165, of the$13,385 received
for Puppy Up Wheaton!

Team Tripawds at Puppy Up Walk Wheaton, IL
Team Tripawds at Puppy Up! Walk Wheaton, IL

Tripawd family members left to right Greg, Cooper, Sherry, Sadie, Paula, Nitro, Stephanie, Neka, Christine, Otis, Linda, Max, Me, Sassy, Donna. In Front  Cadence, Heather & Joe, Glenn and Murphy. Thanks for the photo Michelle!

It started earlier this summer, when Christine, Otis and Tess’ Mom, organized the team fundraising page. As team captain, Christine got the ball rolling, encouraged members from two states away to join the fun and kept up momentum — even as she worked through heartache and prepared to set Otis’ spirit free.

What a beautiful day when our Tripawds family came together in person. People who had never met before, joined together to walk for an awesome group that works hard to stop a disease that takes almost half of our animals every year.

Otis’ spirit guided Team Tripawds.

Christine, with Angel Otis' banner for the walk. Photo: Michelle Doner.
Christine, with Angel Otis’ banner for the walk. Photo: Michelle Doner.

Even as she coped with grief, Christine carried on the team spirit. Thanks to her, each member received a swag bag! Christine reached out to Andrew Krichbaum, owner of Pet Necessities, an independent, family owned pet products store in Western Springs, Illinois. Andrew made sure Team Tripawds members were greeted with a bag of goodies from his store!

Thanks for the great treats, Pet Necessities!

Andrew from Pet Necessities, with awesome goodies for Team Tripawds. Photo: Christine Castellano.
Andrew from Pet Necessities, with awesome goodies for Team Tripawds. Photo: Christine Castellano.

Lookin Spiffy in the the Tripawds Traveling Display

Tripawds’ Midwest Spokesdog Cadence (a 5+ year osteosarcoma survivor!), Mom Heather and Dad Joe were in charge of the official traveling Tripawds Foundation exhibit. We owe this pack a debt of gratitude for overseeing the duties of receiving, setting up and re-shipping the display after the event.

Thanks for representing, Cadence, Heather & Joe!

Tripawds Display

Stop by Cadence’s Facebook page, Sassy Sugar Bear’s blog and also Murphy’s blog for more great photos of the amazing day.

The Tripawds Tribute Leash, an ongoing community project made with love.

Team Tripawds at Puppy Up Walk Wheaton, IL
Tripawds Community Public Awareness Exhibit

Many thanks to Michelle for taking these photos AND to everypawdy who helped staff the booth and walked with Team Tripawds!

Represent Team Tripawds in Your Town

Tripawds Foundation needs great people like you to participate in events like Puppy Up! Walks, the Morris K9 Cancer Walks and other special animal health events. It’s a big commitment to be in charge of the display and exhibit, but we’re here to help every step of the way.

Spread the word about Tripawds Foundation to veterinarians and pet lovers.

  • Look for animal-health related events near you.
  • Send us information about the event.
  • If the exhibit fee is affordable, the foundation will cover the cost and sign up!
  • We’ll ship the Tripawds Traveling exhibit to you.
  • After the event, you ship it back and we’ll reimburse you for shipping costs.
  • It’s that easy!

The more places that Tripawds Foundation can exhibit, the more we can all get the word out that it’s indeed better to hop on three legs than to limp on four!

Go Team Tripawds!






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8 thoughts on “Team Tripawds Rocks Puppy Up! Wheaton”

  1. Hello, my dog Macy, a six year old Rhodesian Ridgeback, and I live right in Lisle. I just found out two days ago that she will be needing her right front leg amputated within two weeks. I am so sad that I didn’t know about your great group of people and dogs. Especially to Christine and Otis, our prayers and thoughts will always be there for such wonderful people and dogs. Please let me know if there is anything else coming up, I would love to participate and learn from others, especially since this is all so new and scary for us. Thank you, Carmie

  2. Wow, I sure would have love to go and meet and help! Youre too far 🙁 maybe one day, they will me something closer to me. Great jo you guys!

  3. Such a spectacular even with spectacular people, spectacular pups and spectacular Guardian Angels!!

    Such a life affirming way to ccelebrate all.our heroes who have taught us, and continue to teach us, life lessons we could
    not have any other way!

    Love and appreciation to all..and a seecial salute to Christine for powering through the event in honor of her beloved Otis.

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  4. That was the best day ever. Only thing is it was too short. Thank you Heather, Joe & Cadence for making us all feel welcome. Thank you Christine for out fundraising everyone 🙂

    Michelle & Angel Sassy


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