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Tripawd Tuesday: Lucas Leads the Way

Hoppy Tripawd Tuesday everypawdy! You’re gonna love this story about Lucas, sweet pup to Maggie Marton of OhMyDogBlog.

Tripawd Lucas
Tripawd Lucas inspires his entire community.

We met Maggie through Blog Paws, and her Lucas was diagnosed with osteosarcoma earlier this year. Maggie, a cancer survivor herself, knows all too well the ups and downs of this road. Making the most of every day and learning how to Be More Dog is all our animals want for the pack.

Here’s a fantastic story Maggie shared with us about Lucas’ inspawrational life on three legs. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

Keeping Up with Lucas

When I first heard that Lucas needed to lose his front leg—it was his only hope of containing the osteosarcoma ravaging his sweet system—I jumped into planning overdrive. Everyone copes with bad news differently. My method? Plan out every possible task, read every single tip, buy every product.

Tripawd Lucas
Let’s Roll!

Of course, that led me to the Tripawds community and a series of purchases (books, a ramp, a harness, and so on) to help me prepare Lukey’s way.

But in all our planning and accommodating, what never occurred to us was how other people would react to seeing our little tripawd bopping around. (I say “little.” He’s a big shepherd mix. He’s just my special little guy.) He draws attention everywhere he goes. In part, it’s his ears.

Tripawd Lucas
The Best Tripawd Ambassador!

In part, too, it’s that we humans love stories about overcoming obstacles. Seeing a three-legged dog ripping around at top speed makes people smile. It’s a heart-warming sight, and people compliment him on his perseverance and his bravery. Of course, those of us who love these tripawds know that it’s not a matter of bravery for them—it just is what it is. They have the luxury of not thinking about themselves as being different or disabled. They just get up and go!

Tripawd Lucas
We’re ready, let’s go!

People slow down as they drive past to watch him hop. Neighbors we’ve never spoken to stop to have long conversations and want to pat him. The staff at our vet’s office fawns over him, doling out scratches and cheese and praise. He eats it up, of course, and I wonder if he ever wonders where the heck this massive amount of special treatment came from?!

Tripawd Lucas
You cannot resist!

After his surgery, and after two miserable weeks of trying to keep that darn dog still (seriously, I turned around for one second to refill my coffee cup, and he was up on the couch), the oncology staff said, “Allow him to set the pace for his recovery.”

And he did. He set it at RUN!

He mastered the stairs before his stitches were even out. He jumped up on the furniture and dashed across the backyard, wrestling with our other dogs. He ran—literally, sprinted—up and down the alley behind our house. He took the oncology orders to set his own pace, and he dragged us along behind him!

He even three-legged digs up our garden still! Confession: We’ve let it get a bit overgrown and we refill it with dirt just because he loves doing it so much.

Lucas has set the most amazing example—entirely unwittingly and accidentally, he’s inspired us and our community. Every time he falls, which he does a lot, he shakes off and keeps running headfirst into fun. He’s enjoying every single second he has, and we’re right there enjoying it with him.

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5 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Lucas Leads the Way”

  1. Lucas is so awesome — love that boy. His strength and zest for life give me courage in my own. I love that Maggie and her hubby planted a bush in his digging spot so that he can sorta “dig in secret” like our dogs like to do — I watch his digging videos anytime I need a fun laugh or some motivation / inspiration. Yay for Lucas and being the Tripawd Tuesday poster dog!

  2. LUCAS!!!! LUUUUUUUCAS!!! I’m jumping through the screen right now and smooching that adorable mug of yours!!! You are so darn cute!!! Nobody on the planet could resist not petting you and giving you non-stop treats and tummy rubs!! You own any human who meets you!

    I love how you enjoy digging and let nothing hold you pack! And very sweet of your humans to replenish your “digging spot” so it’s always ready for you to “till your garden”!

    This whole story and great pics and videos jave made my day!! Looking forward to celebrating all your victories…your and your mom…for a gazillion years ro come!!

    Love to all! You jave an ADORABLE pack!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!


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