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Tripawd Tuesday: Awesome Adelaide is Always on the Move

Once you walk down this journey, the Tripawd Spirit is always in your heart. Many pawrents find that loving a three-legged dog or cat is something they want to keep doing even after their three-legged hero becomes an angel. Take Tripawds Community Member Karma, for instance. She’s an amazing help to this community; you’ll often find her in the Tripawds Chat Room, comforting new members with stories about her own Tripawd experience with not one but two three-legged dogs!

Addy the Three-legged Husky Dog

Today’s Tripawd Tuesday feature is all about Karma’s “Adelaide,” a sweet front-leg amputee Husky who found her furever home through the Tripawds Rescue Forum after Karma saw this energetic puppy needed a family.

A Tripawds Community Rescue Success

Karma and her sweet Brendol joined us when Brendol was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in January, 2013. As this strong, beautiful girl kicked cancer’s butt on three legs, in March, 2013 Karma spied this post in the Tripawds Rescue Forum:

Atlanta, GA: Young husky tripawd needs home with playmate

About Murphy:
Breed: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female
Age: we are estimating about 10 months old
Date of Amputation: October 1, 2012
Missing limb: front left leg
Special Needs: she is 100% healthy, but she needs a home with another dog that she can play with.

Addy before surgery

It didn’t take long for “Murphy” to win Karma over. She met this three-legged dynamo, brought her home, gave her the lovely name of “Adelaide” and the rest is Tripawd history! Here’s how Karma tells it in Addy’s blog:

“Fortunately for Miss Adelaide, a nice couple heard about her and decided to take her in from her previous owners. Adelaide is retaining her first name, Murphy, as her middle name in their honor. They had friends that got together and raised money to help Addy get her leg amputated. They did look into getting the leg just fixed. However, the surgeries that were going to be required were very extensive and were not considered a very good option because they had a low success rate estimated.

Murphy the Tripawd

On October 1, 2012, Adelaide underwent surgery and the leg was removed. The couple that was taking care of her, Tiffany and Blake, did a great job with her during her recovery. They really loved Adelaide and were considering keeping her as a part of their family. However, their older dog, Heidi, was just not adapting to having a young spirited girl in the house. So, fortunately for me, they posted on the tripawds forums that they were looking for a home for this sweet girl.

Miss Addy was adopted into my home on Tuesday, March 19th. She was welcomed by her new sisters, Brendol (who is a recent tripawd due to OSA), Aissa, Mathilde, and Morrigan.”

This is just a little bit of the fun that happened when they became a family:


So far Addy’s life has been a non-stop adventure and Angel Brendol is now watching over her little sister, making sure she doesn’t get into too much trouble when she does crazy things. She is one energetic puppy dog who loves day care, her pack mates and of course her Mamma Karma. Follow along with her adventures at Awesome Adelaide.


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5 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Awesome Adelaide is Always on the Move”

  1. Yay Karma & Addy. 🙂 This is an awesome write up. Karma is an excellent resource & friend. She will help with anything. Brendol & her magic set all of this up.

    Michelle & Angel Sassy

  2. Thanks Rene and Jim. And thanks Sally, Linda, and Alison. Erica (rica55) is the tripawd matchmaker around here. She was the one that initially saw the rescue post about Addy (Murphy). And the rest is history. I wasn’t really considering adopting a third dog at the time, and Brendol was only 5 weeks post amputation. After I decided to go ahead and bring her home, I was nearly sick to my stomach wondering what was I getting myself into? Of course, now I’m glad she’s a member of my pack.

  3. This is a wonderful Tripawd Tuesday story!! A smile making tripawd Tuesday story!!

    AND, it’s soooo good to see the lovey Miss Brendol again too!

    Happy Hannah and I joined ripawds the end of February 21013 and Karma and Brendol were right there from the “get go” cheering us on! Videos of Adelaide always brought us comic relief…..especially her ight time ritualmof going nuts right before bedtime…ust a bundle of non-stop energy!! And the ever patient Aissa hanging back barking at their craziness and joining inmon the fun at a safe distance!,

    I never knew Addy’s full story until now, nor her middle name. Very heartwarming. One thing we ALL know for sure, Miss Brendolmhad her paw all,over this “choice” and knew EXACTLY what she was doing wh,en she “picked” Adelaide for Karma!! AND, another thing we all know for sure, Addy could not have a better forever home and could not be a more loved dog!,

    Thank you formpaying tribute tonthis wonderful family today! Such a journey of compassion and love. Miss Addy is a beautiful dog…inside and out!

    The tripawd community is enriched by Karma and her pack. Thank you Brendol, for bringing us all together!


    Sally and Happy Hannah and Myrtle too!

  4. 🙂 We love Addy and her beautiful eye and award winning personality! And Karma is an amazing resource, friend and source of comfort to our entire community!

    Alison & her Shelby fur-ever in her heart


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