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Sneak Peak at PBS Nature Program

In a wrap-up of the recent PBS press tour, the PBS Engage blog presents a summary of PBS shows to watch in 2009. Included is this preview of Nature’s Why We love Cats and Dogs

For Jerry’s whole story, be sure to tune in at 8:00 p.m. Sunday, February 15! You’ll also hear from many other pet owners and various animal behavior experts. Check your local listings for exact time and station.

Please mark your calendars, and tell your friends! You can comment on the video at YouTube or below. Read more about Jerry’s stardom here, and don’t forget to submit your favorite pet photo for the PBS Why I Love Cats and Dog photo contest!

UPDATE: Watch the full episode of Nature, Why We Love Cats and Dogs online or search local listings for future air dates!

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29 thoughts on “Sneak Peak at PBS Nature Program”

  1. I really liked the episode on NATURE last night and I thought that the most intersting part was Jerry’s story. I think that it is awesome that you got a chance to tell the story,and I’m glad I heard it. You guys are the best. Jerry was so lucky to have you as his pawrents!

  2. Warmest thanks for sharing your beautiful story about Jerry, your beloved German Shepherd. My German Shepherd, Dutchess, lived a long healthy life (with 4 legs) and passed away at age 23. I truly appreciate your devotion and understand your deep love for Jerry. I have been talking about Jerry all day!

  3. I saw the Nature episode last night and was totally drawn into the story of your wonderful dog, Jerry. I have an 11 year old Border Collie (Sparky) who is 11 years old and while she is perfect and healthy I know that she won’t be here forever. Jerry’s story reminded me to enjoy everyday I have with her. Thank you for sharing it. Jerry….hang in there!!!

  4. Dear Jim and René,

    I cried watching the documentary on PBS last night. What is important and brings me some kind of comfort, is that you gave Jerry the best life he could EVER got before he died. And that to me is the ultimate proof of unconditional love.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us.

  5. I continue to be amazed by Jerry’s story and I too have been sharing the news about the upcoming PBS special on Sunday! I also have it saved on my tv so I’ll be reminded as soon as it starts 🙂

    I am forever grateful to your site and everything you’ve done to help all of us who have had to go through similar experiences.

  6. WoW! That is beautiful and tearful, Jerry sure is one of a kind! Jerry was a lucky dog to have such loving and compashionate owners! Thank you for sharing this with me and the family, I will and have been telling everyone I come in contact with all about Jerry dog and this episode! It sure was great to see u and Jim, Best of luck to the two of u on new adventures to come!love jen,Mario & our K- 9 crew Dr. Bear,Chewbacca, Sandy and Bella

  7. Tissue please…& why we love our cats and dogs?… because they provide that crucial link between man and nature; they make us appreicate all we have on a daily basis, and keep us all connected in the most remarkable of ways. Jim and Rene are two remarkable, loving and compassionate people….with Jerry leading the way, they smell the breath of god.

  8. Just the clip had me crying…truly I don’t need any assistance with tears these days!! Amazing and important story. Can’t wait to watch.

    Kristen and Angel Jack

  9. I am not sure if you remember me Rene, but I believe I came to your home to help you train Jerry when you first got him. I remember the shepard-y dog and how much you and your husband loved him. Even though he tore EVERYTHING up! He had such great energy and it was so obvious that you were wonderful pet parents. I wish I had known you were in Colorado, which is where I live now. If you get back through this area, I would love to hear from you.

    Joan Maxwell

  10. I too was truly touched by your story of Jerry. My dog Pepper, whom I lived with for 17 yrs had to be euthanized 2 yrs ago. He was the constant companion in my life of changes. He saw me through joys & heartaches from marriage, divorce, dating again( where he was my companion on many an outing with a new guy!), remarriage, moving, changing jobs, visiting family, multiple trail hikes, & once even rock climbing! The only place Pepper did not go with me was on vacations to the beach, because he was afraid of the ocean. Pepper actually liked his “vacations” to the kennel where they played with him & took him for walks. The owners were Border Collie fans as well, and usually had him in the office with them when I went to pick him up after a trip. As he got older it broke my heart when he also began to develop tumors & intractable pain. He died in my arm in his favorite blanket @ the vets office. I have not been able to get another dog yet. I still miss him & cry when I think of the loss of that unconditional companionship. Thank you for the courage to tell your own personal story.

  11. i am so teary eyed right now! that was so beautiful! i can’t wait to see the rest.
    i can’t say it enough, you guys are amazingly wonderful compassionate people.

    much love always,
    michelle, stephen & samigurl

    • Michelle and Stephen,
      You need to give yourselves some credit, because you are also awesome, compassionate pawrents and role models for the human race. Sami is such a beautiful girl, we know she has taught you well!


  12. I totally get what you did & why you did it..

    I’ve had some thoughts this week of doing the exact same thing now that Zak has been diagnosed. I was teary eyed watching the clip. Look forward to seeing the show!

    Jenna & Zak

  13. Oh, wow. This was just incredible. This really gives everyone here on your site an exact idea of what the three of you were doing with your travels and how happy you three were together. Absolutely priceless is what this film is. Can’t wait to see the show on TV!

    (Yeah, I cried…)


    Sandra Thomas & “Angel” Luna

  14. We can’t wait to see more of Jerry. Floyd and I heard him barking and we came to check out Mom’s computer to find him. Mom is a bit teary eyed, but is so happy that Rene and Jim have shared the beautiful Jerry with all of us!

    Wags & licks
    Barney (and hugs from Mom)


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