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Search results for 'prosthetic' (621)

…old is darling Lily? 

It sounds like you got some good advice from the ortho and it may be worth exploring a prosthetic as Jerry suggested.

There has been a number of puppies who've had amputations. Here are a few:



…, now that he is 11. So much has changed for the better about helping a Tripawd improve quality of life, like the development of rehab therapy and prosthetics
, but not even a prosthesis can take the place of a working spare leg. We see the effects on Wyatt and are sharing what we learn so that more older

4 July 2020 4:00 pm
Posts: 4
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Have you consulted with a board certified orthopedic surgeon? Are you near a veterinary teaching hospital? Lily may be a candidate for a prosthetic. You'll find many articles, videos and podcast  interviews about prosthetics
in the Tripawds News blog

While you wait for comments from others

…s mom,

Having the break just above the wrist may be good news. In his post Jerry brought up the idea of a prosthetic: "If she is a good candidate for one (i.e, the breaks are lower than the elbow joint), and you are willing to invest the necessary time and money…

…into a prosthetic, an artificial leg could make a tremendous difference in her mobility over time. Just wondering, it’s always something to consider before amputation…

…find interesting: https://tripawd.....ics-worth/

One thing I noticed on this site is that some pets left with a partial leg or nub and no prosthetic sometimes have problems with further damage and sores on that remaining joint because there is no protection. Surgeons could advise you on that.

27 June 2020 11:40 am
Posts: 8
Views: 327

…is a good candidate for one (i.e, the breaks are lower than the elbow joint), and you are willing to invest the necessary time and money into a prosthetic, an artificial leg could make a tremendous difference in her mobility over time. Just wondering, it's always something to consider before amputation

26 June 2020 5:23 pm
Posts: 8
Views: 327

…will benefit him and all your other dogs too.

So it sounds like he has a pretty significant stump left? I wonder if he's a candidate for a prosthetic on that leg? 

24 June 2020 8:56 am
Posts: 6
Views: 277

…weighing at 165lbs. Osteosarcoma of the left distal radius.  We want to give him the chance of a partial limb amputation to get a partial limb prosthetic to keep him all fours if possible . But with covid, we have had a hard time 1) finding vets who are familiar with/willing to do a partial limb

… what timing! They are such beautiful giants.

Yes, it's true that the more residual limb a dog has left, the better the odds of traditional prosthetics
working (click on the link for our articles). There is a company that just came out with a new support brace for full front leg amputees but the

…and i was wondering if anyone had experience with this? I considered leg braces as well bu dont know much about them.

I'm also interested in prosthetics
but was told the learning curve and mobility potential for dogs with partial imputation is much better than with full amputation. Yes I have not

….  Knowing the girls, they would start researching stories about other animals that underwent amputation and learning about how some of them use prosthetics
or wheelchairs.   I'm not trying to convince you to tell them, just that when you finally do, to keep in mind that his story is a positive one of

6 June 2020 6:01 pm
Posts: 599
Views: 12951

…your vet oncologist so you don't forget anything. To add to that list, I would

ask their opinion on whether or not you are a good candidate for a prosthetic. If the paw is the only affected part of the leg you may be able to use one. 
also discuss the possibility of electrochemotherapy or intralesional

2 June 2020 5:50 pm
Posts: 41
Views: 881

…their hips rotate towards the stumps like they’re just ...hanging off the body as weight.

First I was set to not amputate them, opting for prosthetics
instead but we just got turned down because the puppies don’t actually have enough length left below the knees for that (neither has more than an

…with Jerry about getting a second opinion from a board certified orthopaedic surgeon if Skyli already seen one. I also explored the possibility of a prosthetic for Meg, but was told that she would need two working joints in order to be able to use one. Because her amputation had to be above the elbow, it

…. I'm sure the loss makes it especially hard to wrap your mind around the best option for Skyli. I wanted to add another option to consider - a prosthetic. I'm sure there are lots of things to think about going this route (cost, time, availability) but wanted to let you know about some resource info

…a slight limb difference really can get along fine even without amputation. In many cases, if the parent is willing to invest time and money in a prosthetics
, that residual limb is actually the key to successfully using artificial limbs. I just talked about it here with a new member whose Golden just…

…had a puppy born with a limb difference. Here's the clip I shared:

If you think prosthetics
are in your dog's future, don't amputate until you speak with an orthopedic surgeon who can evaluate the puppy and give you the pros and cons of

…expect to amputate that leg just yet, until you speak with an orthopedic vet surgeon who can evaluate her. She sounds like an ideal candidate for a prosthetic limb. Even if it hasn't occurred to you to look into one for her, it would pay to just get the information so you know what her options are. If you…

…are willing to invest the time and money into prosthetics
, it can mean all the difference in her mobility and quality of life over time. As a prosthesis designer once told us, dogs do great on three legs,


For details about topics discussed, please see:

Free Pet Amputation Facts Webinar
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…ready Tripawds Nation! Join us at 3pm Eastern / 12 noon TODAY on Facebook for Tripawd Tuesday LIVE!

We'll talk, rehab, prosthetics
, and much more...

Dr. Wendland is a Resident in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation at Colorado State University, a certified veterinary…

…(CVA) and has training in canine rehabilitation and veterinary chiropractic therapy. She has special interests in veterinary orthotics and prosthetics
, rehabilitation of canine athletes, pain management
, gait analysis, and evidence based non-surgical and minimally invasive therapies for…

…musculoskeletal and neurologic diseases.

On this Tripawd Talk Radio
will chat with her about:

Prosthetics and Tripawds. Dr. Wendland, mom to Tripawd dog Eileen, is leading a clinical trial at Colorado State, “Evaluation of Partial Amputation in Dogs."

Oh, and I'm just curious how badly that leg is mangled? A dog with a "chicken wing" or any kind of stump past the elbow is a good candidate for a prosthetic limb, so if it's not bothering him or getting banged up right now, I wouldn't be in a rush to amputate until you take him home and consult with an…

…orthopedic vet who is experienced in prosthetics
for pets.

P.S. I hope you guys weren't affected by the fires. How are things Down Under today? We send lots of pawsitivity and love your way

…up something that shows that “even this junky thing helps him run, avoid injury, arthritis to other side, ...” then I have a great argument for prosthetic.

if I cannot show something that helps, then what is point of fighting for something that won’t help. They do good work and have thousands times

…was able to help you last night! I'm sorry I missed you in the Chat. 

Here's what I didn't get a chance to mention earlier: if a dog will have a prosthetic device in the future, the amputation surgery has to be done with that in mind. The reason is so that the vet can leave enough limb so an artificial…

…was taken.

An amputation under these circumstances is kind of a shame, because many of these rescue dogs would have been great candidates for a prosthetic limb, provided that the right future pet parent could be found to pursue this course of action. See, as long as a dog has two joints left on a leg,…

…leg can reduce the risks of joint pain and arthritis that Tripawd dogs are more susceptible to having.

Here are some things to keep in mind about prosthetics
, however:

Prosthetics take time, patience and money. A pet parent has to be willing to make that investment in order for them to be successful…

…what we don't see is the long-term damage DIY devices can cause. Without a good understanding of animal physiology and biomechanics, an untrained prosthetics
maker can do more harm than good and cause long-term damage to the dog's body. I know your heart is in the right place but I would not attempt

…? And have you gotten more than one opinion? If not, it would pay to have a board certified orthopedic vet see if he is a good candidate for a prosthetic (it sounds like he might be).

See our posts about prosthetics
for more information.

…foot up until he gets tired, then it drags and bleeds. Joint is not sensitive to movement or bending, just cannot straighten.

I would like to put prosthetic on bent up leg instead of amputating.

i put toilet paper roll over bent up leg and it keeps from scraping.

i put 3d printed oval cylinder …

…for neutering at same time and I cannot figure out how to pick him up with leg wound too.

Recommendations? Amputate or not, professional prosthetic, training to use it, ...

any advise helpful.

…remaining appendages can cause issues over time – consider consulting with a board certified orthopedic surgeon to see if Gracie is a candidate for a prosthetic. You will find many posts about prosthetics
in the Tripawds news blog.

26 January 2020 12:46 pm
Posts: 4
Views: 4430

Also, if is it not the type of tumor that will spread, and your puppy's paw is the "only" thing damaged, then your dog may be a good candidate for a prosthetic if that's something you want to look into. It's not cheap and it takes some training to get a dog used to it, but I always like to present that as

26 January 2020 9:55 am
Posts: 4
Views: 4430

…Tuchy I would be grumpy too.

I understand some vets do a partial amputation in case they want to get a prosthetic. Obviously the pros and cons of a prosthetic needs to be discussed first. They are quite expensive and not readily available in every community.

21 January 2020 3:40 pm
Posts: 24
Views: 804

…need an amputation correction surgery to remove the stump. I hope not, because if she has at least two joints, she would be a good candidate for a prosthetic.

I'm glad you said you are waiting to try the prosthetic you made. Please consider consulting with a canine rehabilitation therapist before using…

…it, as sometimes DIY prosthetics
may do more harm than good. I'm sure the one you made is awesome but an expert can let you know for sure. The best part is that the Tripawds

18 January 2020 7:28 am
Posts: 9
Views: 17734

…has the same problem. Her stump sometimes drags on the ground and gets all scratched up. I work in a 3d printer workshop so I've already designed a prosthetic for her but i want to wait at least a year before we try it out. Right now im working on something that will protect the stump from objects she

18 January 2020 7:21 am
Posts: 9
Views: 17734

…doing your best to give Ike the best chance at a healthy, happy life. You're almost there, it's sooooo close. And don't beat yourself up about a's not something that most people have the time or money to invest in, and just because Ike isn't going to have one doesn't mean he can't be

…things. I'm doing my best but it still hurts and what not. And watching Ike suffer because I can't get him the best possible treatment (such as a prosthetic) make me feel like trash. And all these bills, these meds, paying ubers to get to our vet, I'd do it without a second thought but it makes things

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