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Tripawds Merchandise Now Available!

 Big news! We have just officially launched our Tripawds Café Press Store!

tripawds store merchandise

Show your tripawd pride with t-shirts, mugs, caps, mouse pads, stickers and more. We even offer a dog t-shirt* perfect for protecting your new three legged friend’s stitches after surgery. Use the Tripawd Journal to keep track of important diet information and health care tips.

Do you know a new tripawd? Send them my funny canine cancer get well card. Or get a pack of 20 inspirational note cards and send them out as thank you notes or personal memos.

Your purchase helps support tripawds everywhere by promoting awareness of osteosarcoma in dogs and amputation as a solution for continued health and well being.

*Many sizes available. Optional: You may choose to sew up the empty limb hole.

Three Barks for California Sammy!!!

Samuel Jacob, Rock StarLife is good. Lately I’ve been living with my people in the woods near Eau Claire, Wisconsin, just soaking up the sun and loving life. But recently, I heard from a fellow Tripawd, Sammy. He was looking for some ideas for a back and ear scratcher for dogs without the use of back legs. Got any? Scratching ideas, not legs, silly!

See how Sammy tries to scratch:

Sammy is blazing through his amputation recovery like a Rock Star, even though he has faced some really big health problems. He found me because he went to the wonderful people at the University of California at Davis’ Vet Teaching Hospital too. Sammy even met my girlfriend there, Theresa Varland!

You can read all about it on his Dogster page, but here’s the short version of what 10-year old Sammy has battled. Ha, you think you’ve got it bad sometimes?

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Timber’s Story

3-legged Timber Girl ShepherdI’ve got a new Tripawd Pal! Timber is 9 year old pretty pretty girl recently diagnosed with osteosarcoma after she broke her leg. Considering her back legs have pins and plates after both of her ACLs tore when she was 3 and 4, I’d say she’s quite a trooper!

After dealing with her surgery, Timber’s people took the time to send me the following detailed update on her post-op progress, complete with more pictures… Tell your people thanks Timber! We wish you the best.

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Another Tripawd Shows The World What We Can Do

Bill from Oak Park, ILThis is Bill, my buddy from Illinois. He just had surgery five days ago, and doesn’t he look great? He’s already playing fetch around the yard, and trying to take on a very big apartment staircase, all by himself. But, his parents are freaked out about the stairs and playing too hard, just like mine were after I had my surgery. Silly humans, they think that we are as slow to adapt to change as they are!

Hang in there Bill, your Mom and Dad will chill out and relax soon. Till then, keep on keepin’ on, we’re thinking of you! Get well soon so you can get back out there and play, play, play!

– Jerry

Two Tripawds

Oh Bob and Marianne, you are so funny! And thoughtful too. Thanks for my new buddy.

Jerry and the New TripawdI’m going to call him Hoppy. Only two creative types like you could think of me when you saw this cute four legged Beanie Baby, then lop it’s front left leg off so it’s just like me. I love him!

As you can see, he makes a comfy pal. I will think of you whenever I paw him around. And I keep my toys for a long, long time.

We’ll all miss you nutty Eurekans very much.

Way to go Chloe!

Chloe RecuperatingI got some great news this week. My friend Chloe in Illinois, is doing much better after her amputation surgery three weeks ago. She had a rough go of it, but now I hear she even went swimming last week!

Read on for more more about Chloe and my latest adventures.

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