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My Heart Belongs to a Tripawd

Three legged husky dog BusterThe following Guest Post was kindly written by our friend Kim. If you would like to share your Tripawds story here, please write to us today.

Buster will be 11 in mid December. On the 25th of this month it will be his 6th month ampuversary that he lost his leg to a chrondrosarcoma. It has been a learning experience to say the least. From the misdiagnoses to the amputation I’ve learned not to take the little things for granted.

Buster loves to lounge, go for walks and protect his turf. He recently took on a possum defending his territory. He truly is his happiest being outdoors close to nature, especially during this cool fall weather. I would say he ambulates well. He still has his good day and bad days, I would say due to the weather. Sort of like a barometer. So we go with the flow… Everyday is a happy husky day.

Supplements for Bone cancer husky dog BusterHe is on semi raw diet and takes lots of supplements to boost his immune system. Which is the best we can do since his type of cancer is resistant to chemo and radiation.

Lately, we’ve been helping out homeless pets. Since he gets a lot of attention due to being three legged, we like to educate others about tripawds.

We hand out fliers to promote canine cancer awareness, talk about the site, and let others know we are survivors. There is life with 3 legs and we are beautiful. My pawrents are so proud of me and feel blessed everyday.

We check out the forum every chance we get. It’s so reassuring knowing we have a tripawd support group that we consider to be our internet family. We also practice Jerry’s NGU (never give up!) philosophy on life. In the mean time we’ll be making memories, and being a tripawd is one of them. We are so proud to be a tripawd!

buster1.jpg buster3.jpg

buster7.jpg buster8.jpg


buster5.jpg buster4.jpg

Three legged husky dog Buster

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6 thoughts on “My Heart Belongs to a Tripawd”

  1. Happy Ampuversary beautiful boy. I love the pictures Kim…he is surely a handsome husky and I love your story and the efforts that you’re making to bring awareness to this nasty disease. We need MORE people like you.

    Much love to you both
    heather and zeus

  2. Thank you for the compliments. I think the supplements help. I also give him a maitake mushroom liquid that he loves. However, I’m always price shopping for the best deal. Alot has happened in 6 months & yes saying our prayers & keeping our paws crossed helps also. Buster is my son with fur. We would like to thank spirit dawg Jerry for helping us on our journey & making some friends along the way. Happy 6months BaBa(Buster), Mommy loves you xoxo

  3. Buster, you are a beautiful husky boy!! Here’s to many, many more happy husky days for both of us!!
    From the Siberian She-Devil, Calpurnia & mom

  4. How wonderful of you to share Buster’s story with us. It is so nice that you are trying to educate people about 3-legged dogs and cancer and all of your photos are beautiful. It is obvious that you are keeping on top of all the best things for his immune system since his chrondrosarcoma does not respond well to chemo. I am so happy that Buster has seen his 6 month ampuversary and let’s keep our paws crossed for another 6 months. (little steps, little steps). Buster is truly a very beautiful dog and it’s so good to see that his family is trying so hard to spread the word to people who wouldn’t know about things like this if it weren’t for your dedication to spreading the word. Love, Blazer, Kitty Kimber & Mom (Vicki) p.s. Buster, we are so proud of you, honey.


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