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My Visit to the Animal Acupuncture Doctor In Colorado

Many weeks ago, I hurt my knee somehow. Maybe I caught the frisbee one too many times, I don’t know. But now, my doctor thinks that I have a partial ACL tear, and she recommended acupuncture treatment to help me feel better. I know that I don’t like Tramadol, so I was willing to try anything, even getting pins stuck in my flesh.

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Jerry Update: Metronomic Protocol is Working!

Well, it’s official: my metronomic protocol therapy is doing what it’s supposed to do.

Tumor Reduction Metastis X RayLast week I saw Dr. Mullins one more time before leaving New Mexico, and she gave us the great news; the chemotherapy is doing its job, and has shrunk those nasty lung tumors by ten percent! We were really hoppy to hear that, especially because we are on the road again, this time in Colorado.

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The Perfect Bed for Your Tripawd Dog

The following post was generously written by our friend Sasha, who lives in Tel Aviv Israel with her tripawd gal Lalla.

Tripod Lalla loves her firm dog bedThere’s something to be said about dogs when they sleep: they stretch out, growl, yelp, drool, produce various aromatic emissions and even sleepwalk And there is, of course, the oft-repeated “rabbit chase” which some dog experts claim is actually a re-enactment of pushing mamma dog’s mammalian protuberances to the max for the liquid known as milk. I for one, am going to stick to the “rabbit chase” theory and fact is, Tripawd humans are the real dog experts.

There’s no animal on this planet (apart from myself on a Saturday morning) who loves sleeping in as much as a dog. Although most of them think otherwise, most dogs do not need a human bed; they need a firm, comfortable no-frills / no-bling pad, which to our benefit should be easy to keep clean, i.e.: can be thrown into the washing machine after being used as a specialized dining room.

But when you live with a Tripawd, you do have to make special orthopedic considerations, but those don’t have to break your bank account.

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