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Does Good News Make You Feel Guilty?

At Tripawds, many of us are three legged dogs because we are battling cancer. Sometimes it seems like we go through periods of time in the Tripawds Discussion Forums, when all we hear is sad news about our friends’ cancer battles.

We all know that life has its ups and downs. We would not exist without both good and bad. Life and death are the yin and yang of the Universe. We dogs try not to focus too much on this though, and strive for that perfect balance of living in the moment.

But humans, on the other hand, don’t often see life like we do. Many struggle with the conflict at Nature’s core. Occasionally we hear from Tripawd pawrents who feel guilty about sharing the good news they have, when there’s a glut of “bad news” in the Forums. When the current mood of discussions is somewhat somber, these kind pawrents feel as if they shouldn’t shine a light on their own tripawds who are doing well.

Silly humans, don’t you know we need your pawsitive energy and happy thoughts here all the time? And when tears are being shed and it seems like life can’t get any darker, that’s when we need your pawsitivity most!

Tripawds Blogs members and guests alike want to read about your tripawd’s triumphs and stories about overcoming obstacles, getting strong, and finding joy in life. These are the happy things that keep us all going when life gets ruff, and help newcomers see the pawsibilities of life on three legs.

Try to be more Dog and remember, life is too short to walk around with angst and feelings of guilt. Share all your experiences and thoughts, whether you view them as good and bad, happy or sad. Please spread the love as much as pawsible, there will always be someone looking for uplifting inspiration.

Sharing is Caring!

10 thoughts on “Does Good News Make You Feel Guilty?”

    • I know, time flies … but pet parents love and concern for everyone in this community is stronger than ever. Thanks again for your sweet post about this common concern. xoxo

  1. Even though we lost Emily I rejoice in good news. I have met some of the most wonderful people on this web site and in a way we become like family. Others rejoiced in Emily’s triumphs and cried with her set backs and mourned her death. It gives me strength to know others cared for her. Your dogs become very important to each of us I know I personally pray for all these wonderful dogs. Please share your good news. It feeds the soul. I want all of your dogs to live long, long lives and beat the cancer. Keep the good news coming!

  2. Good news makes us feel happy. We feel like we have become a little tripawd family and we want to hear the good and the bad. I know this has been a healing experience for our family. When we are having a bad spell it makes us feel good to hear other family’s happy times. This experience has reminded us to live one day at a time and enjoy what we have and love our dogs as much as we can. We appreciate reading everyone’s stories and love receiving posts on our stories! Keep up the healing process!!

      • Thank you so much! I am planning on being on tripawds a bit more often. I never realized how much people appreciate hearing from people who don’t actually have a tripawd at home, but know that I am trying to be helpful and offer pawsitive thoughts. Your kind words mean so much to me.

        Blazer, Kitty Kimber & Vicki

  3. Please don’t feel guilty about posting good news about your babies. Even though I lost Jake this week… I need to hear all your good news!! It’s the reason my husband and I chose amputation surgery for Jake… to give him a chance at life.

    If people stop posting their stories… it will make everything we did… all for nothing!!

    Jake’s Mom


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