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Back to the Beach…

Jerry at the BeachMy fur’s coming back, and now that the temperature outside hasn’t been as cold, my Mom says I don’t have to wear my dog coats as much. I’m really starting to feel like the rugged dog I used to be!

Mom also lets me hang out in the yard by myself when I want to, she’s not as paranoid now that I’ve shown her how capable I am!

I get to go to the beach pretty often now. Be sure to check out my latest movies and photos to see how I can still tear apart the kelp and play in the surf.

Hoppy Anniversary to Me!

It’s now been over two full months since my big surgery. We’ve proven at least one prognosis wrong. The first thing my people were told is I could be expected to live 2-3 months after being diagnosed with canine osterosarcoma with or without the surgery. Well here I am feeling my best going on my third month.

Jerry still loves the Frisbee gameI haven’t dog blogged for so long because I have been having to much fun at the beach … and developing this website to help people better cope with palliative care with their bone cancer dogs.

I’ve added web resources and health tips, and added two discussion forums for everyone to post their questions, answers, tips and treatment suggestions.
Jerry and ZeusBe sure to check out my latest tripawd videos and see just what great shape I’m in. I visit happy my friends at Happy Dog, play with my new friend Zeus and catch frisbees on the beach.

Hoppy New Year Everyone!

Jerry and WinstonI had the best Christmas ever. My best pal Winston came to visit all the way from Oakland, and man, did we party! Our silly humans thought it would be good for us to wear a dumb Santa hat. I’m used to it, but not Win. He got real sad when they made him put it on.

I was spoiled rotten with presents this year. And I still haven’t lost my touch; I can tear open a package just as good as any four-legger. Thanks everyone for all of your love and presents, you make me feel so special.

Be suer to check out my Photo Gallery page for more pics from the party and all the presents I got to open!


Big DawgsI got to play with a really BIG friendly dog in Sequoia Park on Sunday! What a great day. I hiked and got muddy and got to be a dog. I even hopped over a log all by myself.

Dawg TiredLife on three legs ain’t so bad. But now I’m dog tired…

A Day in the Park

Whatchyou lookin' at?Today I went for my first offleash walk in the park. In the rain. It was great to smell the ferns and pee on the trees again. If you’ve never seen a boy dog pee on 3 legs, well, it’s really funny! Mom forgot to take the camera though, maybe next time she’ll snap a photo for you!

Ho ho ho! It’s Santa Paws!

Jerry Visits SantaI went on my first outing since being in the hospital. Rene and Jim took me to see Santa and all my buddies, at the Humboldt County Animal Shelter.

I got to donate a bunch of the toys that I won in the local “Relay for Life” too. I know my buddies could use them. They could also use good homes too, so please consider adopting a dog from the shelter OK?

The Week After Surgery

Do I bounce back or what?

Happy TripawdLess than a week later, it’s back to the routine, hanging out in the office and sleeping all day. Here I am during my lunch break, playing in the yard a little. Just a little though. The doc says that I’m only supposed to go for short walks, but I want to play soooo bad! So Jim breaks the rules, and Rene gets on his case about it. Oh well, one more week until I get my stitches out!

Home Again. Home Again.

Jerry at HomeIt may not look so much like it but I am really glad to be home, even if there are no turkey leftovers this year. I can tell Jim and Rene are happy that we’re all finally home too!

They took more pictures of me but you’ll have to check out the Photo Album to see the gory ones. Rene thinks they’re gross, and she wouldn’t even let Jim get a copy of the CT scan from Dr Stipnik … she said he was kind enough to go in to the hospital on Thanksgiving day to discharge me so I could come home.

The scar may look bad but I sure like it. You should’ve seen the mass they took out with my leg. It was huge!

Read more.Home Again. Home Again.

Happy Thanksgiving!

jerry post-op ucdavis 2006

I’m certainly giviving thanks today. There my be no turkey for me and Jim this year, but I’m going home! I woke up this morning and was still in the hospital, so I got up on my own right away and waited for the doctor. I told him to take me outside where I showed him I could pee just fine. Then I told him to call Jim and Rene and let them take me home.

He told them I’ve “bounced right back” and I’m not sure if he’s just making fun of me or what. But they must have been really happy and excited to come get me. I can’t wait either. We’ve got a long ride home but I couldn’t think of a better way to spend Thanksgiving day! They’ve set up a big soft bed in the back of the truck that is more comfy than anything else I have at home … except maybe my couch. I’m just glad I don’t have to spend another night at Davis.

We’ll add some pictures of my cool scar next time. Until then …. ARF ARF ARF (“Gobble Gobble”)!

Jerry after amputation surgery

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