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I’m a lazy dog. And that’s OK!

Jerry Demands a Drink of Water in BedBeing a travelin’ dog is hard work. And hopping around on three legs all day tires me out a lot quicker than when I got around on all four paws. But that’s OK. It doesn’t mean I’m depressed; that’s just such a human thing. And it doesn’t necessarily mean I’m uncomfortable. It just means I’m tired.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t still need my exercise! It’s even more important for us three legged dogs to remain fit! Don’t go feeling sorry for us and just let us lie around all day. There’s plenty of time for that after chasing the chickens. Or squirrels if that may be the case for you.

So here a couple quick reminders of our tripawd health and fitness tips:

  • More frequent shorter walks are good for us three legged dogs.
  • Make sure we have lots of water when walking when you take us for a walk.
  • Use a pet support harness to help us into vehicles and go down stairs.
  • Remember, it’s easier for us tripawds to hop along at a quicker pace than it is to walk slowly.
  • Allow lots of breaks for us to stop and smell the flowers, because that is what life is all about.

Jerry The Three Legged Farm Dog

Jerry oversees the lettuce harvest while workamping at White Rabbit Acres.

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3 thoughts on “I’m a lazy dog. And that’s OK!”

  1. Sunshine just came home today to our 2 story apartment. She is 10 days post amputation of front left leg and has been with a friend at their one story home. She got UP the stairs and now I can’t get her down. Can any one give me advise? She is a 67 pound yellow lab and I cant lift her.

  2. So true, every word is carved in stone, woofs Lalla as she runs down the stairs, sits, hops after a cat, has a drink of water, chases seagulls on the beach, sits, stares at the sunset and hops upstairs with more than a little help from the Ruffwear Harness Jerry gave her.


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