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One Tired Dawg

Jerry Poses at Devil's TowerWe’ve just updated my photo gallery with a few new pictures from my full-time RVing adventure but I’ve been having far too much fun to do much more. New movies of me swimming at Keyhole Reservoir and playing Frisbee at Devil’s Tower will be coming soon, I promise.

Did you know it was originally called Bear’s Lodge by the Native Americans? We met a Lakota national forest ranger who was kind enough to let me go up the trail to see this sacred place up close. My people pulled the old Therapy Dog routine, flashing my expired license, and convinced the ranger to let me hop up the trail marked “No Dogs” … I’ll never understand why they don’t allow us dogs on those trails, yet they let all those kids and fat people walk all over and toss trash around.

We only walked up to the boulder field at the base of the tower, but that was far enough for me. Jim pulled a bunch of my hair and wove it into a strand he tied around a tree with all the other Native American prayer offerings. Hopefully that will bring me good health and well being for years to come. Later we ran and played a lot. Just look at how tired I got…

Don’t Feel Sorry for Me!

I just love this full-time RVing roadtrip I’m on with my people! I enjoy traveling and meeting all the new folks and dogs everywhere we stop. I just wish strangers wouldn’t feel so sorry for me when they see me. I get along just fine on three legs thank you. I have one more than most people after all.

Just look at how easily I can jump into the backseat of our 4X4 Dodge Ram 2500…

Check out more of my three-legged dog adventure movies on my video page or tune into the Tripawds YouTube channel!

Finally, Weather Fit for Civilized Dawgs

I’m cool, and I’m loving it!

Jerry at Seedhouse Campground, Routt National Forest

Finally, we found some real forest and got out of that sandy desert scene. Here I am in camping outside of Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where the weather was a cool 70-something all week. I played, I hiked, I swam. And when I was done, I got to relax on this lovely piece of “lawn” that my Grandma and Grandpa gave to us. My Mom and Dad used to make fun of people who had astroturf in their campgrounds, but now they’re finding that it helps keep dirt out of my fur, and they aren’t making jokes anymore!

I had a great time at this campground, but there was a lot of thunder and lightening in the afternoons, and I didn’t like that one bit. I’m glad to be moving on!

Jerry Visits Doc Holliday’s Grave

Jerry pays tribute to DocWe’re finally heading North, trying to beat the heat, but it is still hot. And my people still insist on taking me on crazy hikes.

This one wasn’t so bad, just half a mile up from the highway in Glenwood Springs, CO. It just seemed like straight up.

I’m not sure what the big deal was about this walk. I don’t even know who Doc Holliday is or why we had to hike to what “might” be his grave.

Thank goodness we got a new Water Rover portable pet water bowl for me at the Barkery in Moab before we left! It’s not as cool as my Gulpy dog water bottle that broke, but it holds more water and you can easily put back whatever I don’t drink.

Dog Tired from the Heat!

Poor Hot JerryI sure hope my people choose somewhere a lot cooler to settle down, if they ever do. After spending a week in a hot, dry, dusty, Flastaff Arizona KOA campground, I am sure ready to move on to a cooler climate.

To top off the week they dragged me through the steep streets of the historic mining town of Jerome. At least the barkeep at Paul and Jerry’s saloon was kind enough to share his tip jar with me. I didn’t make any money … he just filled it with water after feeling bad for not letting me in.

On the way back to the trailer at least we got to stop and play in the water at shady Oak Creek Canyon.

You can follow all of our latest fulltime RV adventures at!

Camping’s Hard Work!

No, it's Mine!Woof! I’m so tired! My best pal in the whole world, Winston, came to see me at Lake Francis Resort this weekend. I was sooo surprised that he came all the way from Oakland just for me! Man, we had a great time. That kid really wears me out though. I’ll be snoozin for days!

What fun we’re having!

Meet my new friends!Boy… or girls, rather … I’ve got some catching up to do with these blog posts! But I couldn’t wait to share this one with you… I met these beautiful young ladies at Lake Francis near Dobbins, CA. They were enjoying Father’s day weekend with their folks in a site next to ours.

They were having lots of fun and were kind enough to let me show them how well I can play basketball. The next time we checked our email, they had already signed my guestbook so I asked them to send this photo. I’m starting to enjoy seeing all these different places meeting all the new people on this trip!

Stay tuned and we’ll soon post the video of me playing basketball back at home so you can see what a superstar I really am!

¡Pascua Feliz!

Easter Party AftermathI took my first long distance trip this past week. Traveled over 1,000 miles to see friends and family for Easter, and I knocked all of their socks off with my excellent health!

In fact, when I was taking a break on the road, the manager of a Taco Bell ran out to meet me! She was so impressed, and said she had never seen a tripawd dog in real life. She’s a volunteer for PALS in Lodi CA, and helps find forever homes for pets. I was so happy to show her that we are just as spunky as our four legged pals!

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