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Super Shepherd Sagan Shows He’s Just Like All The Others

When Lindsay rescued Sagan, a sweet German Shepherd who happened to be missing a leg, she knew she was in for a whole new experience raising a puppy. Here is their three-legged love story as part of our ongoing 2023 Tripawd Tuesday celebration!

Tripawd Sagan German Shepherd!
Sagan grew up like any other German Shepherd!

How old is your Tripawd?

  • 2.5 years

When and Why did your Tripawd lose a leg?

  • He was around 8-9 weeks old and while we don’t know for certain what happened, he was found as a stray in Miami and his back leg was broken and badly infected, so we believe he was hit by a car.

How did your Tripawd adapt to life on three?

  • Quite perfectly and it’s all he’s really ever known!

What are your Tripawd’s favorite things to do?

  • Snuggling with his humans AFTER he’s successfully lured his older sister to chase him around the yard, playing fetch, and sprinting on our walks. Also, just being anywhere we are!

Was there any special gear that helped your Tripawd?

  • A boot with a rubber bottom that velcros around the top of his ankle to keep it on.

If you went through amputation surgery recovery with your animal, what did you think would happen after surgery? Did your worst fears happen? How did you cope?

  • He came home with us 2 days after his surgery. I don’t remember having any terrible fears other than he wouldn’t really know how to get around, but he knew what to do. I got him into physical therapy within the first month of being home so he could strengthen his leg and learn how to have as natural of a gait as possible. We do have ongoing concerns about his back hip with his remaining leg since GSDs have bad hip health to begin with.

Did you adopt a Tripawd? If so, why? Tell us your pet’s Gotcha Day story.

  • Yes! I have always wanted a GSD and was lucky enough to know someone at the rescue and reached out to them as soon as I learned they had him. We already had 2 dogs and didn’t think my husband would say ‘yes’ but when we saw him it was love at first sight.
  • His amputation surgery was on Dec 30, 2020 and he came home with us as a foster on Jan 1, 2021. I hadn’t had a puppy of his age in over 20 years, let alone any experience with a 3-legged dog so was worried about what I was getting us into. He was so small and had the cutest floppy ears – we didn’t know for sure if he was a “purebred” GSD but it didn’t matter.
  • He was perfect the way he was and I wanted to make sure he was going to a family that would take care of him. His 2 older sister pups took to him perfectly and the hours of researching how to take care of a tripawd pup began! We cannot have asked for a better dog and are so dearly in love with him!
Suuper sleepy Shepherd Sagan!
Suuper sleepy Shepherd Sagan!

What is the biggest lesson you learned from your Tripawd?

  • Looks can be deceiving. He is SO strong and fast. He is no different than our 4-legged fur baby with the exception that he can’t jump more than a few inches off the ground – but that’s okay with us!

What is your best advice to someone who is about to go through amputation with their pet, or someone who is thinking of adopting a Tripawd?

  • Feel confident and find comfort in knowing that very little is different with them. Some activities can be limited but we have yet to find something we can’t do or have had to sacrifice because of our Tripawd. Don’t pity them or let yourself become consumed with grief or that they are not going to have a wonderful life.
  • Be prepared to help make their life just a little easier by putting a few extra rugs around the house, get them a booty with some grip, build or buy a ramp to help them climb up into the car, onto the bed or couch, and if you can afford it, physical therapy is a bonus! Lastly, don’t forget to love them unconditionally!

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