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Tripawd Vienna Lives the Good Life Now

Today’s Tripawd spotlight takes us all the way to Lebanon, where a very special girl named Vienna was rescued and brought to Quebec for a doggie dream come true!

Tripawd Vienna
Tripawd Vienna

Tripawd in the Spotlight: Vienna’s Surprising New Life

Vienna had a tough start in life, but with the help of her amazing family, she is living the dream that all dogs deserve. Here’s her story as told by her mom Jocelyn.

What is Your Tripawd’s Name?

  • Vienna

How old is your Tripawd?

  • 3 years old
three-legged rescue dog Vienna
She’s living the good life, now!

When and Why did your Tripawd lose a leg?

  • She was rescued from Lebanon where we are led to believe she lost her limb due to a car accident. She was found alone, injured on the street and rescued. She lost her limb when she was about 4 months old.

How did your Tripawd adapt to life on three? 

  • She was rehabilitated in Lebanon prior to our family rescuing her. Now she outruns our teenage boys!

What are your Tripawd’s favorite things to do? 

  • Play ball, tug of war, run in backyard, go for walks, chase squirrels, bunnies and raccoons and get as many belly rubs as possible!

What is the biggest lesson you learned from your Tripawd?

  • Unconditional love!
Tripawd Vienna rescued and living in Quebec now
Those eyes just melt your heart!

What is your best advice to someone who is about to go through amputation with their pet, or someone who is thinking of adopting a Tripawd?

  • Don’t be afraid to let your Tripawd try all things. They may surprise you!

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