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Tripawd Tuesday: Jack the 3-Legged Senior Cat Hero

We love it when members share their stories, but especially when they share their 3-legged cat stories! Today’s Tripawd Tuesday story about Jack the 17-year old Trikitty Calendar Cat is super special as you will see.

Three legged senior cat Jack
Jack is today’s Tripawd Tuesday Superstar!

If you are going through the amputation journey with your own cat (especially if they are a senior), and even if you aren’t, Jack’s journey will really brighten your day!

Three legged senior cat outside on leash drinking from fountain
By the summer, he was happy to go out on his own – he loves drinking from the fountain.

Jack the 3-Legged Senior Cat Proves Even Older Cats Can Have Great Lives After Amputation Surgery

Today’s special senior Trikitty is featured in our 2024 Trikitty Calendar. His name is Jack, and his mom Joan recently wrote to us to share his story. Here it is, as told in her words.

Jack the senior cat before amputation surgery with tumor on his leg.
Here he is, a couple days before surgery. You can see his bandaged big tumor.

I want to express my profound gratitude and share with you that Jack is with us today thanks to your group. Our family faced an immensely difficult decision when we had to contemplate amputating Jack’s limb following the recurrence of his tumor after an initial surgery.

Three legged older cat Jack, with recovery cone after amputation surgery.
Here he is a couple days after his surgery

At 17 years old, he had elder cat issues: only a few teeth left, some kidney problems, and arthritis. He had already enjoyed a rich life, and as semi-retirees, we had to consider the financial cost. But he wasn’t finished – he continued eating, playing and wanting to be petted.

Three legged senior cat Jack with recovery cone wants to go outside
By the end of the second week, he was ready to go outside – and was pretty annoyed when we said not yet.

While searching for options, I stumbled upon your group and was profoundly inspired by the experiences shared by pet owners and the insights offered in your book.

These accounts not only reassured me but also provided a realistic view of possible outcomes, equipping me with the knowledge needed to prepare for life after surgery. The initial month was a rollercoaster, but now, 10 months post surgery, Jack is a thriving and resilient cat.

Senior Tripawd Cat Jack on leash outside
Two months after surgery, we took him out into the yard – he didn’t like the leash or stiff harness but put up with it to be outside.

He exudes health, strength, humor, and love, continuing to enjoy the outdoors under our vigilant supervision.

I use a harness, with a piece of a pool noodle (attached to a string with a quick-release mechanism for his safety), allowing me to keep a close eye on him while preventing him from slipping under the fence.

Three legged old cat Jack outside on leash in the snow
It’s winter now, but he still occasionally wants to goe outside, even in the snow. We are so happy that he’s still here.

Jack has brought immense joy to our lives, and for that, we extend our heartfelt thanks.

Kind Regards, The Kresek Family

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