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2024 Tripawds Calendars Make Great Gifts!

The 2024 Tripawds Calendars are now available for purchase! Tripawds Inspawration calendars make great gifts for your vet clinic, rehab team, favorite vet tech, or all friends and family. Proceeds help keep your Tripawds community online. Buy now to help spread Tripawd Awareness all year long!

This year, we have three calendar designs featuring inspirational dogs and cats of the Tripawds community. If you submitted a photo, scroll down to see who is in which calendar. Or better yet, collect them all.

Order your 2024 Tripawd Dog and Cat Calendars!
Order your 2024 Tripawd Dog and Cat Calendars!

Once again we received an overwhelming amount of photo submissions! Creating collages for each month with all the photos was the only way we could fit everyone in without turning this into a “pay-to-play” or “voting” popularity contest. That’s not how we roll, and something we always want to avoid. Everyone gets in as long as they submit a photo by the deadline!

Thank you to everyone who participated. This year’s calendars feature more than 100 amazing three-legged dogs and cats.

3 New 2024 Tripawds Calendars 

Three new Tripawds Inspawration Calendars feature inspirational three-legged dogs and cats of the Tripawds nation. Proceeds help keep our community going, and the many free pet amputation resources we offer, too!

2024 Calendar #46 – Three Legged Dogs

These gorgeous 2024 calendars include popular pet pawlidays and veterinary appreciation days. From Squirrel Appreciation Day and AAHA-Accredited Hospital Day, to our favorite pawliday, Tripawd Awareness Day!

Tripawd Dog 2024 Calendar 46

Each calendar provides plenty of pet-centric days to celebrate every month so you don’t forget any of them.

Tripawd Dog 2024 Calendar 46

2024 Calendar #47 – Three Legged Dogs

Tripawds 2024 three legged dog and cat calendar 47

Tripawds 2024 three-legged dog and cat calendars make the perfect thank you gift for your veterinarian’s office, animal rehab center, or pet cancer clinic.

Tripawds 2024 three legged dog and cat calendar 47

We had so many great photos sent to us! Thank you to everyone for helping to spread Tripawd Awareness!

Tripawds 2024 Dog Calendar 47

2024 Calendar #48 – Three Legged Cats

2024 Tripawds Cat Calendar 48

And as in the past, fewer Trikitty Heroes sent in photos, but they’re still so much fun to see, don’t you agree?

2024 Tripawds Cat Calendar 48

Every year, these calendars are one of our biggest opportunities to spread awareness of the Tripawds community pet amputation resources.

Tripawds Admin Guy Jim worked really hard to make the calendars. We hope you like them, and will buy generously to share with all your favorite pet people!

Find all 2024 Tripawds calendars here to purchase each version of the best three-legged dog and cat community calendars!

All proceeds help keep your Tripawds community online

If you missed the deadline this year, subscribe to Tripawds News to get notified of all important announcements like our annual calendar call-out. 

All of these pawesome calendars begin with January, 2024 and include 12 months. Finished size is 8.5″ x 11″ with Wiro binding and hole for easy hanging.

Tripawds calendars ship directly from the publisher. Any questions related to orders please reach out to the publisher directly.

Thank you for your support!

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18 thoughts on “2024 Tripawds Calendars Make Great Gifts!”

  1. We are the proud owners of Harrison. He now insists on being referred to as “Mr. November” LOL ! We plan on giving a few calendars as gifts to his extended family members. The calendar showcases the fact that Tripawd cats rock !

    Michelle G & Kevin K

  2. Love these calendars! Thank you for showcasing Base ❤️ and it is always so great to see all the amazing three-legged wonders out there!

  3. I just ordered the kitty calendar! My Katniss is March. Thank you for including her. She was a stray we found 7 years ago and we were so worried when they found vaccine related sarcoma this year. Luckily, the amputation has cured her and she remains cancer free through all her follow ups! We love her dearly ❤️
    Thank you for all you do and for all the tips and information. You helped make her recovery easier, on us both.

    • Thanks so much for taking time to send such a sweet note. It’s an honor to be there for you, Katniss, and all the others who have gone through tough times like you have. Thanks for sharing what we do with others!

  4. Thank you so much for doing this. We plan to buy several for family and friends as Christmas gifts! Proud to say, our puppy, dog, Ribbons, made the #47 calendar in December!! Can’t wait to share them with everyone!

  5. SO EXCITED for the calendars again this year! My husband and I each post at work to bring awareness to tripawds (and bragging rights of Layla!). Our oncology vet department has also been grateful to have the gift to hang in their offices! Definitely shows others starting their amputee journey that 3 legs can do nearly everything 4 legs can! Thank you for creating these wonderful gifts!

  6. I just ordered 2024 Calendar #47! Maverick is a friend of ours! I’m a bad cat mom and completely forgot to submit a photo of Lu this year. All the calendars look great!


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