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New Tripawd Traction Boots by Ruffwear!

We are so hoppy to announce the newest Tripawd traction boots option are now in the Tripawds Gear Store. They’re made by Ruffwear and start shipping this Wednesday, September 15. Here’s why we think you’re going to love the Ruffwear Hi and Light dog boots!

NEW! Hi & Light Dog Boots
The Hi and Light Dog Boots by Ruffwear
Sold in Pairs of 2
Socks Included!
Learn all about Ruffwear’s Hi and Light™ Dog Boots
in the Tripawds Gear Shop!

3 Reasons Why Ruffwear’s Hi and Light™ Dog Boots are a Great Tripawd Traction Boots Choice

Last year, one of the first duties our Tripawds Spokesdog Nellie B. had to do was test out Ruffwear’s Hi and Light™ Dog Boots. All of us loved them from the start!

Try them starting September 15!

We tried them on all fours, but especially on her wonky paw, because of the kind of abuse that special foot goes through. The Hi and Light trail shoes really stood up to the foot scuffing caused by her impaired gait! We were so impressed.

  1. The Hi and Light™ Dog Boots stay on and don’t rotate
  2. The rugged knit upper fabric is breathable and holds up to abuse.
  3. The flexible rubber sole lets a dog know when their paws are touching the ground. This gives dogs a better sense of proprioception (awareness of where they place their feet), and confidence on different terrain.

We think these Tripawd traction boots are a great option for dogs who need help on slippery floors and surfaces like icy roads, but don’t require heavy-duty levels of protection on rugged terrain. For that kind of need, you’ll want the Ruffwear Grip Trex dog boots, or Ruffwear Polar Trex snow boots for your Tripawd.

Ruffwear Hi and Light™ Dog Boots include Bark’n Boot™ Dog Socks too!

Priced at $54.90, this complete set of traction shoes includes four Bark’n Boot™ Dog Socks for a better fit. USPS Priority Mail Shipping ins also included!

And, if you buy more than one Ruffwear product in the Tripawds Gear Shop, you’ll get a $10 rebate too!

We think you’ll love the newest boots for Tripawd dogs on the go. Shop Tripawds and support our community: it’s a win-win for everypawdy!

Learn all about Ruffwear’s Hi and Light™ Dog Boots
in the Tripawds Gear Shop!

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