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Is Your Tripawd Ruffwear Harness Too Small? Probably Not.

If you order a Tripawd Ruffwear harness from our Gear Store, you might think it’s too small after it arrives and you take it out of the envelope. If you think it is, don’t panic! For a good fit, you only need to extend the straps all the way. Even if you think you’ve done that, please watch these videos to make sure.

extend Tripawd Ruffwear harness strap like this

How to Lengthen Your Tripawd Ruffwear Harness Straps

Almost every Tripawd parent who receives their Ruffwear Webmaster or Flagline harness thinks “Oh no, my harness is too small!” If that’s you, don’t panic. You probably don’t need to exchange it for a bigger size.

Tripawd dog harness straps extended

Ruffwear always ships Flagline and Webmaster harnesses with the straps pulled all the way in. This keeps shipping costs down, but sometimes results in confusion. Usually even when a customer believes the straps are fully extended, they aren’t.

So, please take a look and learn how to extend your Tripawd Ruffwear harness straps for a good fit.

How to Fit and Lengthen The Web Master™ Harness Straps

We love the Webmaster Plus harness for many reasons. When you combine the Webmaster and Brush Guard piece that goes under the belly, you give your Tripawd a greater area of support when lifting and assisting. It’s best suited for rear-leg amputee dogs.

Tripawd dog harness straps extended

Here’s how to lengthen your Tripawd Ruffwear Webmaster harness straps.

How to Fit & Lengthen The Flagline™ Harness Straps

The Flagline is our #1 harness for all Tripawds, but especially for front-leg amputee dogs. This harness features built-in under-belly coverage, so there’s no extra piece to add to it. But the Flagline has bit less coverage underneath than the Webmaster Pluss.

The Flagline ships just like the Webmaster, with the straps pulled all the way in. The photos and video above are exactly the same for the Flagline. For more details watch this longer Ruffwear video.

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We hope this helps show how to lengthen the straps on our favorite harnesses for three-legged dogs! If not, you can always contact us, we are here to help!

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2 thoughts on “Is Your Tripawd Ruffwear Harness Too Small? Probably Not.”

  1. I just watched the video on how to put the harness on my dog. He had his front left leg amputated 3 weeks ago and is doing well. Will this harness be ok for him as it says that it is better for rear leg amputation. If not, I will return it. What would you suggest?

    • Stella thank you for shopping with us. I see you ordered the Flagline, which is perfect for a front leg amputee. We recommend the Webmaster for rear-legged dogs, so you ordered correctly!


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