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Best Food and Nutrition Tips for Tripawds

If you came here looking for nutrition tips for Tripawds, you’re in the right place. Let us help point you to our best suggestions about food, weight loss, supplements, joint health, and other nutrition related help for three-legged dogs and cats.

Best Food and Nutrition Tips for Tripawds
Wyatt Ray thought any treat was a good treat! 

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In 2023 the Tripawds blogs network is changing, based on feedback from the Tripawds 2022 community survey. For now, the Tripawds Nutrition blog is no longer actively publishing, and all food and diet Tripawd tips are located here in this blog, Tripawds News.

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Here’s Our Very Best Food and Nutrition Tips for Tripawds (from our retired Nutrition blog)

amputee dog weight loss check
Nellie the 3.5-legged Honorary Tripawd lost 15 pounds!

There’s a lot of things to know about three legged dogs and cats. But for now, the top two things any Tripawd parent can do right from the start is: 1) keep their dog or cat slim, and 2) feed the best food and supplements you can afford. These articles can help you do that.

Appetite Tips

If your pet isn’t eating after amputation surgery, or during chemotherapy treatment, don’t panic. First, talk to your vet about possible reasons why they won’t eat. And consider tips like:

How to Hide Pet Medication (and Get Your Tripawd Eating)

Tripawd, dog, cat, hide, pet, medication, pills, surgery, recovery, appetite

Keep Tripawds eating with these easy tips to hide pet medication during amputation recovery, chemotherapy and beyond.

Three Tips If Your Cat or Dog Won’t Eat

cat or dog won't eat

If your dog or cat won’t eat after amputation recovery or because of chemotherapy side effects, here are three tips you can try to get them eating again.

Easy and Safe People Food for Cats and Dogs

safe people food for cats and dogs

If your Tripawd won’t eat or you just want to add variety to their diet, here’s a list of safe and unsafe people foods for cats and dogs that might help.

The Easy Way to Syringe Feed Tripawd Cats

Syringe Feed Tripawd Cats

If your Trikitty doesn’t want to eat, don’t panic. You can do a few things to boost appetite, from adding food toppers to making a liquid gruel diet to syringe feeding. Here are some tips to get started.

Easy Fish and Meatballs Recipes for Cats and Dogs

meatballs recipes for dogs and cats

Simple ingredients make it easy to get your Tripawd eating with these Fish and Meatballs Recipes for Cats and Dogs.

Weight Loss Tips

Eating and Exercise Tips for Tripawds

tripawd eating and exercise tips

Veterinarian Dr. Amber Callaway-Lewis shares her best diet tips for three legged dogs and cats.

What is the Best Weight for a Tripawd Cat or Dog?

best weight for Tripawd cat or dog

Watch vet expert Dr. Robin Downing explain how to find the best weight for a Tripawd cat or dog, and how to know when they get there.

Meet Lady, a Tripawd Weight Loss Success Story!

Tripawd Weight Loss Success Story Lady

Lady’s Tripawd weight loss success story shows that with dedication and your vet’s guidance, you can help your three-legged dog or cat lose weight safely.

How to Check a Pet’s Weight at Home

check a pet's weight

Dr. Alex Avery shares pet weight loss tips and how to check a pet’s weight at home without using a scale.

Six Really Easy Tripawd Weight Loss Tips

Tripawd Weight Loss Tips

Want your Tripawd to live longer and healthier? These six really easy Tripawd weight loss tips can help make that happen!

Tips to Help Your Tripawd Lose Weight

Tripawd lose weight

Did you know the best thing you can do for your Tripawd starts in the food bowl?

More Food, Supplement, and Healthy Eating Tips

Last but not least, these articles share important tips for amputee dogs and cats with or without cancer, and member recipes too.

Home cooking for dogs and cats

home cooking for cats

Get home cooking pet food recipes, books, and other ideas.

Cancer diet tips for dogs and cats

low carb pet cancer diet

Is there a cancer diet for dogs or cats? These articles discuss the fact and fiction about how to feed a dog or cat with cancer.

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