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Cannabis (CBD) Dog Dosing Questions and (Wrong) Answers

Thinking about trying cannabis products for your Tripawd? If so, please don’t turn to strangers for your CBD dog dosing questions (or for your cat, too!). Asking strangers or product makers about how to give CBD products to pets is asking for trouble. Here’s why.

cannabis dog dosing questions
Don’t ask strangers about CBD dosing. And please don’t give CBD to your dog like this either (Image: Erin Stone, @Pixabay)

How to Find CBD Dog Dosing Questions and Answers (and for cats, too!)

In today’s edition of Cannabis Corner by Tripawds, let’s review why it’s so important to get specific and safe CBD dose instructions from a credentialed cannabis expert within the veterinary community.

First, I’ll say that asking other pet parents about their CBD product dosing seems like the logical thing to do. I also turned to product makers and others when we tried CBD for Tripawds Spokesdog Wyatt Ray. But then I earned my Veterinary Cannabis Guide credential, and learned why not getting veterinary input is such a bad idea.

The truth is that getting CBD advice from strangers, CBC manufacturers, and cannabis retailers, is often ineffective and a waste of money. The wrong cannabis dog dosing instructions can even cause harm and adverse effects on your pet. 

CBD dog dosing questions risks
Please don’t turn to the internet for CBD pet dosing advice.

Your Tripawd’s health situation is unique. 

A reputable pet cannnabis product has some kind of dosing guidelines on the package or website. But those instructions on CBD dosing for dogs and cats are only a guideline based on weight. The dosing amounts don’t factor in your pet’s unique health history and physiological profile. A Tripawd with cancer or other disease also influences how to find an effective, safe CBD dose.

To find out the right CBD dose for your pet, you need a veterinary cannabis expert. A credentialed veterinary team who understands cannabis medicine always reviews your pet’s health profile before ever suggesting a product and the dose for it. Typically they request a Complete Blood Count (CBC) profile for your pet. This critical step can reveal hidden blood chemistry imbalances potentially made worse by cannabis medicine.

The Real Risk of Cannabis’ Adverse Effects

CBD dog dosing questions risks
Download the paper about Cannabis Adverse Effects

Cannabis appears to be “natural.” But it still has risks.

Many cannabis products are contaminated with heavy metals and pesticides. And even safe, uncontaminated products may still be too much of a good thing. Studies show that the wrong CBD dog dosing instructions can do more harm than good for humans and non-human animals alike.

For instance, a 2019 cannabis research paper called “Cannabidiol Adverse Effects and Toxicity,” reports instances of cannabis adverse effects (AEs) and toxicity in different species:

Results: CBD is not risk-free. In animals, CBD AEs included developmental toxicity, embryo-fetal mortality, central nervous system inhibition and neurotoxicity, hepatocellular injuries, spermatogenesis reduction, organ weight alterations, male reproductive system alterations, and hypotension, although at doses higher than recommended for human pharmacotherapies. Human CBD studies for epilepsy and psychiatric disorders reported CBD-induced drug-drug interactions, hepatic abnormalities, diarrhea, fatigue, vomiting, and somnolence.

Only a Veterinary Cannabis Counselor Knows the Right CBD Dose for Your Pet

Veterinarians gather all the facts about your pet’s health status first. Then they recommend a CBD product and corresponding dose. No manufacturer or stranger on Facebook can do that for you. Yes, it means another vet visit for you and your Tripawd, and the added expense. But if you turn to a vet well-versed in cannabis medicine, your money is well-spent. You get a cannabis product dose that’s effective, safe, and specific to your dog or cat.

Many of us quickly learn that our own vet is not a cannabis expert. But don’t worry! The Veterinary Cannabis Education and Consulting experts can help.

How to find a vet cannabis expert

veterinary cannabis help

Veterinary Cannabis Education and Consulting experts want to connect with folks interested in cannabis therapy for their pets. This low cost (sometimes free) consulting service helps you find the right CBD dog dosing instructions (and for cats, too).

Consider partnering with veterinary technicians and other professionals training to be a Veterinary Cannabis Counselor (VCC). By doing so, you get customized cannabis treatment for your dog, cat, or other animal. 

  • The process is usually done entirely online.
  • Your location doesn’t matter. But it determines the cannabis product for treatment.
  • VCC students are not financially invested in suggested products.
  • Minor costs may be involved, such as the blood panel and the cannabis itself.
  • Four-legged pets are welcome! So are birds, reptiles, and any other vertebrates!

VCC students need case studies. You can promote the scientific understanding of cannabis treatment in the veterinary field. Interested? Check out this Tripawds Discussion Forum topic, or contact us for details!

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