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Tripawd Tuesday: Stevie the Cat Versus the Pit Viper Snake

Dogs and cats become amputees for many reasons. Snake bites are one scary reason why. Today’s Tripawd Tuesday spotlights the story of Stevie the cat versus the pit viper snake. Guess who won? Stevie, of course! Check out the deets and prepare to be amazed.

The Amazing Story of Stevie the Cat Versus the Pit Viper Snake

cat versus pit viper
Stevie the Cat recovers from the pit viper snake bite

We couldn’t believe it when Stevie’s hooman posted in the Tripawds 3-Legged Cats Discussion Forum Topic. The very idea of a cat fighting a venomous snake and winning was just unbelievable. After all, even very few dogs live to tell about their snake fights. Tripawd Kawi wrestled a rattlesnake once. He lost his leg but won the battle.

And now for the first time, our community has a cat who joined us for the same reason. Stevie is here to say that yes, a cat who gets bit by a venomous snake can actually win that scary situation! Here’s what his hooman said when she introduced him:

3rd day post-right foreleg amputation, sleeping more than previous days

Hello, My 8.5 lb kitten (9 months old) suffered a pit viper envenomation last Saturday night, and after a few days in critical care trying to get him stable which involved two blood transfusions and 6 vials of antivenom it was decided to amputate the leg that suffered the bite. It has been a horrible week for us. His amputation was on Wednesday and I picked him up the following afternoon. This would be his 3rd day after.

cat versus pit viper
Stevie is only a 9-month old kitten, but he survived!

Stevie tells his entire story in his blog, Watch Stevie Thrive:

Hi, my name is Stevie and I am about 9 months old.  I was playing outside one Saturday afternoon when I found a cool wriggly noodle creature I’d never met before. It looked like something I could swat at and play with, but turns out it did NOT want to play with me! The doctors tell me that it was a venomous snake. Oh no!

As scary as the snake bite attack was for Stevie and his hooman, the good news is that he survived. This Tripawd cat’s recovery has not been super easy, but a week or so later, Stevie’s doing so much better:

We spaced out the Gabapentin to every 12 hours and it’s working well! My heart is so warm knowing you are all cheering for him. I know he’s receiving that; he is stronger every day! Today, he tried to open my door several times (he’s tired of being confined lol) and he doesn’t fall over when he walks now!

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3 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Stevie the Cat Versus the Pit Viper Snake”

  1. Oh I just saw this! I don’t think I mentioned it before but we’re in Central Florida as well– so glad to hear about Kawi’s victory here! My family’s been working on clearing the property in such a way that it looks a little less inviting for any slithery critter to hang out (thinning out any densely packed garden plants, clearing away a wood pile too near the house, etc.) We feel like Stevie saved our lives as well when he battled the snake, because it could have been one of our baby cousins on a visit, or one of us. He is our hero! Those danger noodles can stay in the woods far away, thank you very much. :’)

    • Had no idea that’s where you and Stevie are, thanks for sharing. Yes, he is totally a hero! Bye by danger noodles, Stevie is back and on guard for life! So glad he survived to show them who’s boss.


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