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Tripawd Tuesday: Kawi Wrestles the Rattlesnake

In this edition of Tripawd Tuesday, you’ll be amazed at how one rock star Wolf/Shepherd dawg kicked a rattlesnake’s butt and WON!


Photo: Andrea Barnett

Kawi’s story will take your breath away. Here it is, as shared with us by his momma Andrea Barnett, via Twitter:


Wolf Shepherd Tripawd Dog

Photo: Andrea Barnett


Kawi recovers

Photo: Andrea Barnett

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3 Responses to “Tripawd Tuesday: Kawi Wrestles the Rattlesnake”

  1. Ugh. We hate snakes. Kawi is a very handsome guy, by the way. My Brendol had a run in with a copperhead a number of years ago. They aren’t as toxic as the rattlers, but it sure hurt her and scared the heck out of me. So glad Kawi came out of his battle a winner and I’m pretty sure he’ll do awesome as a tripawd.

    Karma, Adelaide and the crew, and our special angel Brendol

  2. Oh Kawi!!! Whew!!! That rattlesnake went run j ing back tonhis snake and probably hasnw come since…..too scared!!!

    So glad you are s till with us and your life has been saved! An amputation isn’t going to slow you down one bit!!!

    You are a very, very handsome boy. I think you will wear your “Tripawdness” as a Badge of Honor and all the girly dogs will be wanting to date you…..neutered or not!!!

    Soooooo glad your human best friend was right by your side duringnthis whole process and has “loved you back to health”!!

    You take care sweet boy! Such a Tripawd Hero!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle too!


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