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How One Cure Pet Cancer Clinical Trials Make a Difference

When your dog, cat, or a human loved one is fighting cancer, it’s easy to feel like nothing will ever stop this disease. But try not to let it get you down too much. After all, One Cure pet cancer clinical trials are bringing scientists closer than ever to ending this disease for good. 

Ten Years On, CSU’s One Cure Pet Cancer Clinical Trials Break New Ground for Pets and People

One Cure pet cancer clinical trials hero Scout
Jonathan and Danielle Nau, with Scout. Image: Noelle WIlliams.

The One Cure movement is an important initiative of the Colorado State University’s Flint Animal Cancer Center. One Cure’s pet cancer clinical trials approach is based on evidence that cancer behaves almost identically in dogs and people. Even osteosarcoma acts the same way in both species, all the way down to the molecular level!

This initiative connects scientists in the veterinary and human cancer research fields. Together, they translate pet cancer clinical trials and research into knowledge and treatments that benefit people with cancer. It’s a type of collaboration known as “comparative oncology” and it’s the key to helping dogs like Scout live better with cancer. 

Meet Scout, the Three-Legged Osteosarcoma Cancer Survivor

Tripawds is a huge fan of the CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center. Last month we were honored with an invitation to the One Cure ten year anniversary celebration in Denver, Colorado. What a treat to meet Scout and her humans that night! We’ve fans of @scoutdogchessie on Instagram for a while now. Diagnosed with osteosarcoma in December 2019, this Tripawd warrior princess is now two years out and thriving. She’s doing it even after lung metastasis were discovered in November, 2020!

Scout is thriving because of CSU pet cancer clinical trials. Her parents decided to participate in the CSU Flint Animal Cancer Center clinical trial for dogs with osteosarcoma lung metastasis. She received treatments similar to the current Palladia/Losartan/Ladaraxin Combination Therapy Trial still underway.

pet cancer clinical trials hero Scout
We touched a hero! Tripawd Warrior Princess Scout, with the Naus, and Tripawds Founders Jim and Rene. 

This beautiful Chesapeake Bay Retriever is helping researchers understand how her lung metastasis treatment effects tumor genetics and the body’s immune system. The results are being translated by human and veterinary medical researchers to help humans beat osteosarcoma too. Scout proves that being in clinical trials is a win-win for dogs and people alike!

Dogs Like Scout Help People Like Emily Beat the Odds, Too!

one cure pet cancer clinical trials
Vet oncology legend Dr. Steven Withrow with osteosarcoma survivor Emily Brown. (Image: Noelle Williams)

We also had the honor of hearing talks by several researchers and people touched by One Cure, including Emily Brown. She talked about how clinical trials literally saved her life. You wouldn’t know it just by meeting her, but Emily shares so much in common with Scout. She was diagnosed with osteosarcoma as a child. At one point she was given three months to live because the cancer spread to her lungs. But an osteosarcoma treatment developed by CSU oncologists gave Emily a second chance. Over twenty years later, she has beaten the osteosarcoma odds! 

One Cure Support is Leading to One Cure for All

The words “Comparative Oncology” can sound so clinical and impersonal. And with the many losses we endure in the Tripawds community over the course of a year, it can feel like the cancer fight is a losing battle. But One Cure pet cancer clinical trials prove that we are not losing! This initiative is helping people like Emily and dogs like Scout beat this awful disease. Their happy smiles fill our hearts with hope that it won’t be long until we get rid of this devastating disease for good.

One Cure is such an important strategy in the fight to end cancer. The support you and I give matters, and makes a difference today, right here, right now. Whether you enroll in a pet cancer clinical trial, or donate to One Cure, let’s all do what we can to help the One Cure movement continue giving dogs like Scout and people like Emily a second chance to beat this disease.

Please Support One Cure Pet Cancer Clinical Trials

CSU comparative oncology dogs

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