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Hoppy Tripawd Halloween Season Is Here!

Hoppy Tripawd Halloween everypawdy! Time to celebrate off Fall with a quick rundown of the coolest Halloween costumes for pets with three legs!

But First, Some Tripawd Pet Costume Safety Tips

Tripawd Halloween Safety Tips

Cool, Safe Costumes for a Hoppy Tripawd Halloween 

Dressing up a three-legged dog or cat for Halloween just gets better and cuter every year. Our pets may have differing opinions, but we sure think so. If you’re playing along this season, you’re in good company whether you buy a pet costume on Amazon or make your own. Check out some great costume ideas for tripods.

Scroll down for favorites from Tripawds Howloween Contests over the years.

Tripod Shark Dog and Cat Bite Back

If you respond to negative comments about Tripawds with “My dog was a shark attack victim,” keep scrolling. You’ll really love this idea!

Three-legged Bulldog Leroy doesn’t suspect a thing!

Tripawd dogs and cats are taking back the oceans with these cute Tripawd dog and cat shark costumes.

Hoppy Tripawd Halloween

Tripod Cat Shark Costume

Hop Like a Pirate Dog and First Mate Cat

A lonnnng time ago, Charley sent his adorable Tripawd pirate costume pic. 

Golden Retriever Tripawd Charley makes a great pirate too!

Today, you’ll find dozens of pegleg Tripawd pirate costumes just waiting for your canine mate. Or your feline captain!

Tripod Cat Pirate Costume


Tripawds Superheroes Save The Day!

What a great time of year to let everypawdy know that our pets are super heroes. 

Handsome Hunter the Hero Dog!



Three-legged Superhero Dog

Tripawds make the best cheerleaders too (usually!).

Tripawds Cheerleader Angel Wyatt takes a break on the sidelines.

Tripawd cheerleader dog costume

Roar Like a Proud Tripawd Lion!

Purrkins let’s out a proud roar on Howloween. Your Tripawd can too!

Join The Fun and Share Your Tripawd Halloween Costumes Too!

Whether you’re new to life on three legs or an old pro, there’s nothing like a sense of humor when it comes to the Tripawd Life! Join the Forums Conversation and share photos of your cat or dog’s Tripawd Halloween costume. While you’re at it, post on The Tripawds Facebook Page or Tripawds Community on Instagram and let’s celebrate the fall season together!

Favorites and Tripawds Howloween Costume Costest Winners

Little Barry’s Piñata Costume is just brilliant! 🙂

Tripawd Yorkie Halloween Costume


Here are just a few highlights from the 2015 Tripawds Howloween Contest…

Esla teh “Tripod”

“Tripods” are always a favorite. Elsa may disagree!

Pirates are always appropriate for Tripawds.

For dogs and cats!

Domino stole the show as an award winning shark attack victim in 2015!

It was even better with his Buddy Finn as the shark!

All Tripawds are Superheroes!


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