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Negative Comments About Tripawds Don’t Have to Be a Bummer

Hoppy Amputee August! This month we are spotlighting fun facts about life on three legs. Let’s kick things off with some favorite comebacks to deal with negative comments about Tripawds (and other handicapped pets).

How to Deal with Negative Comments about Tripawds

three legged cat and dog humor
What’s your favorite comeback to mean-spirited comments?

When your cat or dog has an amputation, our bond gets even closer. Awestruck by our animal’s ability to bounce back after limb loss, we fall even more in love with our three-legged heroes. We learn to get on with life the way our Tripawds do, but soon reality hits. A Negative Nellie crosses our path. They might say something rude, insensitive, or just plain dumb. Lacking any kind of amputee awareness, they have no idea how shocking and hurtful their insensitive comments can be to a new Tripawd parent. Do you know what to say?

Let’s talk about how to deal with negative comments mean people say about Tripawds! Enjoy this compilation of vintage Tripawds Discussion Forum community comebacks to rude things people say about handicapped pets.

Tripawd Humor is the best comeback!

Over the years, Tripawds members have discussed some mean things people have said about their Tripawd. In the Discussion Forum post, “What is Wrong with People?“, negative comments about Tripawds included:

I have had some of my co-workers say the absolute rudest things to me about my dog. One co-worker told me that when I found out my dog had cancer and needed amputation that I “should have just put her down since she is going to die anyway and why spend all that money”. — @ksplaine

negative comments about Tripawds
Humor is the best comeback to rude people!

They either get it, or they don’t.

Some people are missing a compssion gene! @fightingforsammy

amputee pet funny saying
Well it’s the truth, isn’t it?!

Point out the obvious, and get them to laugh!


amputee pet negative comment humor
Yes, Tripawds are just as capable as four-legged dogs.

If they can’t see that Tripawds are pawesome, they need glasses!

All I could say was, “I adopted the dog-not the legs” then ran off to play with my boys. @deuceace

funny things people say about Tripawd pets
It’s better than the alternative, right?

Sometimes a little dark humor lightens things up!

To them I simply say, and I quote, “I work my @$$ off for my money and I will spend it as I damn well please. When you start supporting me financially, then you can have a say in how I spend it.” — @zeuspod

giant breed amputation quality of life
Thurston could change anyone’s mind about amputation.

Kids say the funniest things about Tripawds!

The funniest thing a kid ever said, a few days after Isabelle’s amputation, the 3 year old next door asked if she was going to work (therapy) when we were leaving. I said she was going to the doctor…She asked “To get her leg put back on?” — @littlemanjake

how cats cope with amputation
Animals don’t care they’re missing a leg!

When all else fails, keep ’em guessing! That might make rude people nicer around Tripawds!

Look at him!” my peeps say. “Does he look like he’s suffering?” — @WyattRayDawg

funny response to negative comments about Tripawds
Olaf never let anything or anyone slow him down.

Share your positive and negative comments about Tripawds!

What are your favorite responses to negative comments about Tripawds? We would love to add yours to this Discussion Forums topic! Share how you cope with dumb things people say when they see your hero. Together, we are helping people understand that it really is Better to Hop on Three Than to Limp on Four!

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7 thoughts on “Negative Comments About Tripawds Don’t Have to Be a Bummer”

  1. I like to tell people the Humane Society gave me a 25% discount. Usually takes a moment for them to register the joke but then we have a good chuckle.

  2. My cat, Paddington, had his left front leg amputated due to soft tissue sarcoma.

    My comeback: Better a live 3-legged cat than a dead 4-legged one!

    He is doing just fine, thank you very much.


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