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Tripawd Tuesday: Fiona’s Feline Amputation Recovery Victory!

Feline amputation recovery isn’t always easy or smooth. But today’s Tripawd Tuesday shows that even when things don’t go purrfectly, life eventually gets better. Here’s her bounce-back story after a Vaccine Associated Sarcoma diagnosis, as shared in the Tripawds 3-Legged Cats Discussion Forum topic.

Fiona Lives Her Best Life After Feline Amputation Recovery

feline amputation recovery
Fiona’s doing pretty well for a cat who just lost a leg!

Hello, Tripawd community! I wanted to post an update as I haven’t been on the site since October 2019 and thought a positive sharing especially when people are likely on this forum because they are in the thick of terrible decisions about amputating their beloved pet’s limbs.

Fiona has recovered beautifully. Her personality is the same. Through stools and steps to out beds, she manages climbs like a champ. We even took her on a 9-hour road trip as we spent five weeks in a beach rental during COVID so she is really living her best life.

Just in the last month, she caught a mouse and a mole out in our back garden (don’t worry, it’s totally fenced and we monitor her–she is truly an indoor cat other than these supervised excursions) and proudly nabbed a roach in the basement–so her hunting days (luckily for us!) haven’t diminished. While she does have the phantom limb itching issues, we are able to lend a hand and help her out and she doesn’t seem bothered by it.

I know making these decisions can be incredibly stressful, but once you get through the healing and recovery, it does get better. We’re so very grateful to have Fiona in our lives and hope by catching the cancer early and operating quickly, we will have Fiona for many, many more years.

Everyone take care. Be well. Anne

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3 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Fiona’s Feline Amputation Recovery Victory!”

  1. Thank you for posting! It gives me hope as my precious fur baby, was amputated on April 13 this year. She is over 13 years old. She had broken her right shoulder a little over a year ago, and fixed with a plate at that time. We noticed her limping recently and took her to the vet. It was suppose to be a very easy removal of the plate. But, the veterinary called with concerns of an infection (which turned out to be osteosarcoma in cats, rare) it was either put her down or remove her leg. I have to say I was really on the fence about it, being she is 13+! But, I feel we made the right decision. She is my therapy cat, and I love her so much! She seems to be recovering well. And the vet said it is less painful than the way it was before. So, I am grateful she is still here!


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