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3 Fun Facts About Specially-Abled Pets and Tripawds Heroes

Three is a magic number around here, and what better day of the month to celebrate Specially Abled-Pets and Tripawds, than today: May 3 is National Specially-Abled Pets Day! Here are three reasons why 3-legged pets are so amazing.

Why Specially-Abled Pets and Tripawds Rock Our World

specially abled pets and Tripawds
May 3rd is National Specially Abled Pets Day!

Most of us are here because our dog, cat, or maybe even a rabbit, lost their fourth “spare” leg. When amputation happens, we may be sad and uncertain about the future. If you’re feeling like that today, we hope these three reasons why 3-legged pets are so amazing will give you hope for better days ahead.

Pets with disabilities teach us that being different is not a bad thing.

three legged cat and four legged dog
Molly shows who’s in charge at home.

When our pet loses a limb, we think they will be embarrassed or even fearful because they aren’t like other animals. Admittedly, science can’t say for certain if that is true or not at this point. Research says animals do feel a range of emotions.  But do specially-abled pets and Tripawds feel like odd ducks when they’re with other animals? Based on Tripawd members experiences, most healthy, pain-free amputee animals jump back into the pack and pride without hesitation. Sure, they might be a little uncertain at first. But most times, life goes on as usual once recovery is done. 

Handi-capable pets show how to enjoy life with all its imperfections.

three legged Rottweiler dog
Rottie Tripawd Coco figures out how to chew a rawhide bone.

Amputee dogs and cats, and other handi-capable animals, show us how to bounce back after the unexpected. Watching a front-leg Tripawd dog re-learn how to chew on a bone is a lesson in adaptability and resilience. Gnawing with only one paw to hold the bone might not be the easiest thing, but an eager Tripawd gets the job done! 

The same is true for a 3-legged cat who wants to climb up to their favorite perch. Adding stairs in the home to make climbing easier for a Tripawd is helpful, of course. But an amputee cat’s going to do what a cat’s going to do, with or without the help. Climbing may not be as graceful as before, but all cats know how to get what they want, with or without that spare leg.

Amputee animals and special needs pets teach us acceptance of others.

specially abled pets and tripawd dog
If Gracie and Eisen could accept each other, we all can!

Pet parents who take their disabled dog or cat into the world know what it’s like to be instantly judged by strangers. Some people may say “Aww poor dog!” when you take a stroll together, or “How sad!” when they see your rear-leg amputee cat attempt to scratch behind their ears. That’s unfortunate, because those judgy people don’t see the whole story. 

People who make assumptions based on our pets’ appearance miss out on the pawesome life lessons that specially-abled pets and Tripawds teach us. That’s too bad. Anyone slows down enough to observe the resilient, never-give-up nature of pets with unique physical characteristics, is instantly reminded that appearances don’t define who we are, or what we can do. 

Pets who look different remind us not to judge humans who do too. And that makes us better people all around, don’t you agree?

Celebrate Specially-Abled Pets and Tripawds everywhere!

three legged German Shepherd in wheelchair
Wyatt Ray never let anything get him down, neither should we!

As we all get on with our day, let’s all be the people our pets think we are: get out and enjoy life to the fullest–today, and every day. Be More Dog. Be More Cat. Never give up on your dreams!



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