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Tripawd Basics Dog Amputation Handbook Now on Amazon

Tripawd Basics is now available in Kindle format and paperback on Amazon! It is available in the Tripawds Downloads store, and now also at Three Legs and a Spare: Essentials is the first of the Tripawds e-books we have optimized for Kindle and other e-book reader devices. By popular demand, we have also published a paperback edition of this dog amputation recovery and care e-book.

tripawds paperback

Introducing Tripawd Basics E-book and Paperback

Three Legs and a Spare is the first Tripawds dog amputation e-book, originally published in 2009. We have completely updated this Fourth Edition of the essential canine amputation recovery and care handbook. It now includes numerous informative articles, forum topics, videos, podcast interviews, and many more helpful resources!

The new Tripawd Basics version e-book for Kindle features hundreds of direct links. With it, you can quickly find more helpful information online without time spent searching. The Premium E-book also includes veterinarian interview excerpts, and extended recommended reading lists. In addition, the Premium version has numerous photographs, additional content, and bonus material.

We optimized this “Tripawd Basics” version for the re-flowble format viewed on Kindle and other e-book reader devices. It is an edited, more affordable version of the Three Legs and a Spare Premium E-book. Content, photos, bonus material, and formatting have been removed to reduce file size and ensure compatibility. As a result, chapters about rehab and nutrition for new Tripawds have also been truncated or removed.

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Now In Print: Three Legs and a Spare (Basics)

Over the years many people have asked if a printed version of Three legs and a Spare is available. The true value of Tripawds e-books is the many direct links they contain for further reading online. But we have accommodated the request for printed books by publishing the first in our series of Tripawd Basics.

Tripawd Basics

Three Legs and a Spare: Tripawds Essentials

Whether your dog has already lost a leg or will be having an amputation soon – due to canine cancer or for any another reason – Three Legs and a Spare: Tripawd Basics will help you prepare for your dog’s new life on three legs.

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Find Fast Answers to Common Concerns:

  • Canine amputation surgery costs
  • How to decide if amputation is right for your dog
  • Preparing yourself, your dog, and your home
  • Pre-amputation questions to ask your vet
  • Post-surgery pain management strategies
  • Common amputation recovery concerns, and how to handle them
  • Essential gear to improve quality of life on three legs

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