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Tripawd Tuesday: Meet Gabriel the Three-Legged Pyrenees

It’s been too long since we shared a Tripawd Tuesday pupdate! But you’ll see that the story of Gabriel the three-legged Pyrenees Tripawd is worth the wait! Here’s his inspawrational pupdate after amputation surgery, as told by his mom, Caroline.


We met Caroline and Gabriel shortly before his amputation surgery. She is a solo dog parent, and called the Tripawds Helpline distraught about what to expect for a giant breed Tripawd recovery. Caroline had a hard time seeing the light at the end of the tunnel but Team Tripawds came through, including Thurston’s mom, who generously supported Caroline via email. We gave emotional support and hoped for the best. A few weeks later, these are the notes we received. 

Meet Gabriel the Three-Legged Pyrenees Tripawd 

“I wanted to send you some pictures of Gabriel to let you know that he is doing very well adjusting to three legs! He is absolutely, without a doubt, my HERO!!!!

I know it’s hard for him because he’s so big and he wasn’t in good shape before the amputation because of the tumor and his lack of exercise for so long….but we’re building up his strength and stamina…little by little…and he is such a trooper!


He loves going to the beach…He doesn’t run around a lot but when he wants to (i.e. if there is another dog he wants to greet!), he is VERY fast! He is such a brave, brave, courageous boy…I only hope and pray that he continues to get stronger every day. It’s definitely a “new normal” for both of us!!

Yes a Giant Breed Tripawd Dog Can Be Happy After Amputation!


Don’t let ANY vet (or anyone else, for that matter) say that a big dog can’t have his leg amputated because he (and all the videos of the other big dogs) show us that it CAN be done!”

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7 thoughts on “Tripawd Tuesday: Meet Gabriel the Three-Legged Pyrenees”

  1. Hello everyone! We have a 9 year old Tripod Great Pyrenees gal who we rescued from a sheep farmer that was closing shop. She had to go with the last of the flock and so we happily took her in to let her finally retire. At the age of three, she was hit by a car and they had her leg removed. They completely removed the whole leg, just leaving the shoulder. She gets along pretty well, but as she is getting older, I see her really struggling to get around. Today I found a prosthetic dog leg which got me thinking maybe I can modify it by having a body cast made of her to get one fabricated. Is this an option? I would love to know who I could call or maybe some DIY versions I can try. She is missing her front left leg. Any thoughts welcome!

    • Please do not “modify” any existing prosthetic device you may have found. For best results consult with a certified canine rehab therapist for proper evaluation, treatment recommendations and an exercise program designed to specifically address your dog’s needs. They can provide proper measurement and fitting IF a prosthetic is recommended. Visit a CCRT or CCRP and the Tripawds Foundation can pay for your first visit! Start here.

      The most successful adaptation to prosthetics requires at least one, preferably two, remaining articulating joints.

      See our many previous posts and vet expert interviews to learn all about prosthetics for dogs.

  2. O you beautiful big boy! O you beautiful brave mom! How lucky you both are to have each other. Doctors have their place – diagnosis, treatment, meds, surgery – but unfortunately for us and for our animal companions, what is in short supply in the medical profession is HOPE. Hope is the glue that keeps us together in these hardest of times! I urge all families tosearch for doctors that offer you hope. Head right back out that door if they tell you “nothing can be done”. Congratulations, Caroline and Gabriel, you kept your hopeful hearts!


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