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intyme13 wrote: DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!! Jessee 19 month ampuversary
We are celebrating today!  19 months ago Jessee became a tripawd and got rid of that nasty cancer in her left front leg.  Lots of chemo and Toragen later she had a bout of spindle cell cancer earlier this year that was removed.  She now has a nodule (More)
jerry wrote: Tripawd Talk: Histotripsy for Osteosarcoma Dogs, a Non-Surgical Bone Tumor Treatment
Today we have exciting news about histotripsy for osteosarcoma dogs. This is futuristic therapy is a non-invasive cancer treatment being studied as a possible alternative to amputation. It might also have pain relief benefits too. Today on Tripawd Ta (More)
jerry wrote: Tripawd Talk: Cementoplasty for Osteosarcoma Dogs and Cats
If amputation is not an option for your dog or cat, you'll want to tune in to this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio: Cementoplasty for Osteosarcoma Dogs and Cats. (UPDATE: as of July 2022, BioceraVet is now in the US) What is Palliative Cementoplasty (More)
admin wrote: Jerry Meets Tripawd Irish Wolfhound Finnegan
Sitting inside the mobile Tripawds HQ on a rainy morning, I'm reminded of the day we met Tripawd Irish Wolfhound Finnegan. This gentle giant was one of the first three-legged dogs Jerry met on the road. Nearly 15 years later, Finnegan still remains o (More)
jerry wrote: Tripawd Tuesday: Short Legs and Long Body Dogs Rock!
Not too long ago, many vets believed that dogs with short legs and a long body could not cope as amputees. Today for Tripawd Tuesday, meet two Corgi tripod dogs breaking that old stereotype. Meet Charles Avocado Van Gough and his pal Dewey. A Triday (More)
intyme13 wrote: Jessee update
Well it's been an interesting week. After outstanding results from Jessee's first acupuncture treatment on her shoulder, we were back at the vet on Monday for needle biopsy on the weird thing she has on her side.  Everyone thought it was some sort of (More)
jerry wrote: Negative Comments About Tripawds Don't Have to Be a Bummer
Hoppy Amputee August! This month we are spotlighting fun facts about life on three legs. Let's kick things off with some favorite comebacks to deal with negative comments about Tripawds (and other handicapped pets). How to Deal with Negative Comment (More)
jerry wrote: Get-a-Grip Dog Harnesses for Tripawds Help Marley and Sage
Dog harnesses for Tripawds serve different purposes. Some, like the Get-a-Grip, are best for giant breeds going through amputation recovery. The Get-a-Grip and its customized version the Custom Pet Support Suit, are our favorite mobility harnesses to (More)
natasha6 wrote: Need Advice
Good morning, Natasha, our Newfound was diagnosed with bone cancer in her left rear leg about 3 months ago. She immediately under went radiation and within a week she was walking much better. She started chemo and a bone strengthening regiment and (More)
jerry wrote: Pet Prosthetics and Braces Questions and Answers, Part 2
There's lots to consider before putting pet prosthetics and braces on dogs and cats. In today's second webinar about leg braces and supports for amputee pets, Drs. Sherman and Debra Canapp answer questions sent from viewers who watched the pet prosth (More)
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