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jerry wrote: Tripawd Tuesday: Dutchess the Divine Cancer Warrior
Many people think that a giant breed dog can't make a good Tripawd. But here's an inspawrational Tripawd Tuesday hero who proves that life on three can be great for big dogs, even while beating the osteosarcoma odds. Meet Dutchess! Dutchess a (More)
jerry wrote: Tripawd Tuesday: Paulina, Three-Legged Pyrenees Superstar Beats the Cancer Odds!
We recently received a lovely note from a Tripawd mom in Switzerland. The story of her beautiful three-legged Pyrenees is going to give you hope, especially if your dog is fighting cancer. Here is Paulina's Tripawd Tuesday love story, as told by her (More)
jerry wrote: Part 2: Vet Approved Joint Support for Bigger, Older, Amputee Dogs
Today in our two-part series about joint supplements for Tripawds, you can learn about vet approved joint support for bigger (and older) amputee dogs. Did you see last week's article, Vet-Approved Joint Supplements for Tripawd Dogs? In this (More)
Whitney wrote: Diagnosis
I have read countless times that people were caught blindsided that their dogs had cancer, and even more so that it was a intensely aggressive cancer. I am absolutely in that group. I took Ellie to the vet on March 9, 2023 95% confident that she ha (More)
jerry wrote: Early Cancer Detection in Dogs with OncoK9 on Tripawd Talk Radio
Learn all about promising advances with early cancer detection in dogs on Tripawd Talk Radio Episode #115. What is the OncoK9 Early Detection Cancer Test? What cancers does it screen for? And what can be done when results reveal a positive Cancer (More)
jerry wrote: Tripawd Hygroma Healing Tips from a Vet Expert
If your three-legged dog develops an elbow pressure sore, don't panic. A Tripawd hygroma is not uncommon in canine amputees. Sheldon's Elbow Hygroma (Pressure Sore) Story Sheldon the Gentle Giant Tripawd When sweet angel Sheldon the Tripawd (More)
jerry wrote: Tripawd Talk: Histotripsy for Osteosarcoma Dogs, a Non-Surgical Bone Tumor Treatment
Today we have exciting news about histotripsy for osteosarcoma dogs. This is futuristic therapy is a non-invasive cancer treatment being studied as a possible alternative to amputation. It might also have pain relief benefits too. Today on Tripawd Ta (More)
jerry wrote: Tripawd Talk: Cementoplasty for Osteosarcoma Dogs and Cats
If amputation is not an option for your dog or cat, you'll want to tune in to this episode of Tripawd Talk Radio: Cementoplasty for Osteosarcoma Dogs and Cats. (UPDATE: as of July 2022, BioceraVet is now in the US. Our friends at The Dog Cancer B (More)
admin wrote: Jerry Meets Tripawd Irish Wolfhound Finnegan
Sitting inside the mobile Tripawds HQ on a rainy morning, I'm reminded of the day we met Tripawd Irish Wolfhound Finnegan. This gentle giant was one of the first three-legged dogs Jerry met on the road. Nearly 15 years later, Finnegan still remains o (More)
jerry wrote: Tripawd Tuesday: Short Legs and Long Body Dogs Rock!
Not too long ago, many vets believed that dogs with short legs and a long body could not cope as amputees. Today for Tripawd Tuesday, meet two Corgi tripod dogs breaking that old stereotype. Meet Charles Avocado Van Gough and his pal Dewey. A Triday (More)
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