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Tripawd Tuesday: Short Legs and Long Body Dogs Rock!

Not too long ago, many vets believed that dogs with short legs and a long body could not cope as amputees. Today for Tripawd Tuesday, meet two Corgi tripod dogs breaking that old stereotype. Meet Charles Avocado Van Gough and his pal Dewey.

A Triday Conversation About Short Leg, Long Body Dogs on Three

In the old days of veterinary medicine, many believed that bigger, older, or long body dogs and cats would not make good amputees. Thankfully that’s changing! Today the best vets teach us that body type, size, or age should never automatically exclude a dog or cat from amputation surgery.

Corgi amputee dog hero Charles
Click for the early days of Charles’ 3-legged life!

Of course no Tripawd is immune from the effects of a compromised gait. Whatever their size or shape, all three legged animals are more prone to osteoarthritis and injury risk. Advances in pet prosthetics are minimizing that risk. Access to rehabilitation therapy is too.

Tripawd Tuesday has featured lots of giant breed Tripawds and senior amputees. Today, we aim the spotlight on another breed type long believed to be poor candidates for amputation surgery: short leg, long body dogs like Corgis and Dachshunds. 

three legged Corgi Dewey
Meet Dewey, Charles’ pal & also a Corgi Tripawd hero!

Time to kick back and learn all about real life with short leg, long body 3-legged dogs. On March 3, Triday, we had a fun Instagram live conversation with Chelsea, mom to senior dog Charles Avocado Van Gough, and Kimberly, mom to Dewey. Prepare to be inspired!

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