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Tripawd Tuesday: Paulina, Three-Legged Pyrenees Superstar Beats the Cancer Odds!

We recently received a lovely note from a Tripawd mom in Switzerland. The story of her beautiful three-legged Pyrenees is going to give you hope, especially if your dog is fighting cancer. Here is Paulina’s Tripawd Tuesday love story, as told by her human, Barbara.

Meet Paulina, the Three-Legged Pyrenees Superstar

three-legged Pyrenees Tripawd Paulina
Five years after losing her leg to cancer, this three-legged Pyrenees is going strong!

I just found accidentally the fotos about Tripawds. I am living in Switzerland and I am having a three leg Pyrenees mountain dog.

She is called Paulina and she had cancer in her front leg when she was 5 years old. I decided to give her the chance of amputation and she was so lucky to survive.

Senior giant breed Pyrenees Tripawd Paulina
Paulina is now a senior Tripawd and doing great!

She is now 10 years old, an old lady, still very happy.

When she was younger she managed to go walks for an hour with her three legs and she is still very fond of digging holes by standing on her back legs.

We bought a special bike to be able to make bicycle trips with her and since a few month she has as well a kind of wheel chair. When she is in the bike she looks like the queen: very proud and friendly.

giant breed three-legged dog in wheelchair
Paulina got her wheelchair a few years after amputation surgery.

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If your dog is facing cancer, we hope that Paulina’s long-term survival story gives you hope. She’s a pretty remarkable bone cancer hero, isn’t she? It’s not easy being a giant-breed, three-legged dog but she proves that it is possible, and life can be great.

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